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Feb 21, 2011 08:29 PM

Atlanta Classic Cocktail Suggestions

I'm looking for the best classic cocktails in Atlanta. I've been to Prohibition, which was beyond underwhelming. Leon's in Decatur isn't bad, but they're so unbearably slow, even by Southern standards. Haven't made it do Drinkshop, though the W strikes me as a bit trendy, which has me wary.

I want something akin to Pegu Club/Death & Co./PDT in NYC, Drink in Boston, or The Edison in LA. Ideally, someplace where the cocktail menu won't send a diabetic to shock at the sight of it, someplace that understands which drinks should be stirred and which shaken, barring customer specification, and if I'm really dreaming, someplace able to judge my taste profile and introduce me to something both unfamiliar and transcendent.
Barring that, I'll take a properly made Rye Manhattan (that is, without muddled sugar...)

I would forever be in your debt.

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  1. Holeman & Finch. Their menu might not feature strict classics, but ask and ye shall receive.

    1. I met the folks who do the Our Libatious Nature blog a couple weeks ago. They have good things to say about H Harper Station in addition to the others that've been mentioned.

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        Yep, H Harper Station is great for cocktails. Try the Bufala Negra.
        Another favorite is Sound Table.

        All these mentioned at

      2. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll look into them.

        1. I don't think so on these suggestions. Sound Table?

          Having been to PDT and The Edison, I do not believe Atlanta's mixology culture has caught up to the cities mentioned. There are specific individuals, here and there, on a good night... to crank out the right drinks--The Manor, maybe Empire State South... but overall, people are still sipping generic white wines and seabreezes.

          I'm sorry, I like H&F and the 10pm burgers = good shtick, but the drinking is not on par with the OP's intent.

          1. The Iberian Pig makes some solid drinks as well.

            I think the big difference is in Atlanta, the better craft bartenders are at restaurants, while in NYC there are bars more focused on the drinking part. So it has an inherently different feel.

            I think Holeman's bartenders happen to be pretty spot on, and if you go on a slower night during the week, they will listen to your likes/dislikes and make something off the menu that suits your tastes.

            The Iberian Pig
            121 Sycamore Street, Decatur, GA 30030