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Feb 21, 2011 08:11 PM

Smoked carp?

Hey all- my parents were recollecting back in the 70s when they ate smoked carp from a smoke house somewhere in the Brooklyn or Manhattan area. A cursory check at all the usual suspects (Russ & Daughters, Zabar's, some others) showed nothing of the sort.

Anyone know any place that makes (or serves) smoked carp?

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  1. I remember having smoked carp as a kid but can not find it anymore. Is smoked sable the same thing. I remember the orange colored skin and the sable is the same color....The only difference if the sable is purchased sliced (like Zabars) and the smoked carp was usually purchased as a piece.

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    1. re: louds911

      My understanding is that as carp prices rose, smoked sablefish (aka black cod) took its place. The treatment for both is the same (rubbed with paprika and garlic, I believe). For a while delis and newspaper articles referred to the item on hand as sable carp.

      Does anybody have further details on this?

    2. Have you contacted Barney Greengrass and Murray's Sturgeon Shop?

        1. Call Acme and ask them if they do it.

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          1. None of the links provided above to NY area smoked fish temples suggest that they carry smoked carp. But, all carping aside (sorry, I was weak), it's available if you cast your net more widely (see for example). I don't know if the spice rub used in such places will match the carp of your memories. Is it possible that what you remember from the 1970s was sable, not carp? That was about the time that "sable carp" was showing up in discussions of smoked fish in the food pages of newspapers.