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Feb 21, 2011 07:32 PM

Interesting wine by the glass... options

Can anyone suggest a restaurant with a good wine by the glass list? This is an impromptu dinner for my daughter visiting from out of town who is big on wine. I know there is Panorama and the Trias. Both come to mind but won't work (the first too fancy schmancy and the latter only serves small plates). The rest of the family is more interested in good food and beer.

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  1. Amis has a good wine list and a number of interesting Italian beers among other good options (mainly bottles, though, only a few drafts). It's not cheap but it is pretty casual. It is small plates but it's real food, not snacks.

    1. This is a tough town for a wine lover. Fork, though, has a wine list that's interesting enough to hold the attention of a wine geek, and good food too.

      Your daughter might be amused by the intensely regional wine lists at Zahav (mostly Israeli wines) and Tinto (mostly Basque), and both these places have the added distinction of some of the best cooking in the city.

      I agree that Amis is a solid choice for wine, but their mark-ups are hard for me to swallow. Come to think of it, this might be a sticking point about every place I've mentioned so far. The only place I've found that serves an interesting glass of wine on the cheap is Meme--their list is short and their best stuff is by-the-bottle, but this one is definitely worth putting on your list.

      1. Fleming's steakhouse in Radnor has 100 wines by the glass. All are 6 oz pours and all are 1/4 price of bottle cost.

        1. Vintage and Time in Center City, and Adsum and Chick's in Queen Village/Bella Vista are a few of my favorite spots. All are fairly casual with great food in addition to interesting wine lists. All seem to have good beer lists as well.

          1. I like Vintage on 129 S. 13th Street. Reasonably priced, good food, large selection and several flight options available.

            I have also wanted to try out Chick's Cafe on 614 S 7th St, Philadelphia PA19147, but have not had a chance yet. We did not think it was a good idea for the girls to elope for the evening when we had to drive home afterwards. On the list of places to try though!

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              Thanks for all the wine by the glass suggestions. Wish I'd asked before as I thought Phila.'s great beer scene left the party's lone wine drinker to fend for themself with very limited options. My daughter chose Vintage (just wish they took reservations). I definitely intend to get around to trying some of the other places suggested too. Again thanks.

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                Also, Panorama, if you enter the bar area it is much more casual and nice atmosphere and there are tables as well.

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                  Panorama is wonderful. I think they were the first in the area to have a cuvee(?)._

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                      Thanks, Bucket!!! Brain drain here.

                      We have friends who visited this place in Florida and were blown away.

                      You purchase a debit card that works in their cruvinets and allows you to dispense your own full glass, have glass or "taste" of all kinds of wines. Sure wish we had one around here.

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                        Closest thing we have is at Tir Na Nog in Philadelphia.. pour yourself a guinness. Unfortunately that's just a gimick.