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Feb 21, 2011 07:01 PM

A 'Totally Satisfying and Delicious' Chinese Meal at Judy's Cuisine, Richmond Hill!

We went to the Emperor tonight for dinner, only to find the entire restaurant being booked up by T&T for their annual Chinese New Year staff party. As an alternative, we headed over to Judy's Cuisine in Time Square instead and ended up having the best Chinese meal this year! If I'd known the meal was going to be that enjoyable, I would have gone home and grab my camera to take pictures of the food.

The kitchen was extremely solid tonight, churning out flawless and delicious dishes one after another!

We ordered the following:

- "Pan fried beef tenderloin with sweet basil, onions and Teriyaki sauce". The beef was melt in the mouth tender with a nicely seared exterior and pink and juicy inside. The addictive sauce has layers of flavouring and bagged to be mopped up by anything. Should have bought along some baguette! Ha!

- "Fried oysters with honey glaze". This rendition was as good as the Emperor's. IMO, the best in Richond Hill. The nicely sauced, huge oysters were crispy and chewy and cooked just right. Though portion was a bit on the stingey side.

- " Stirred fry filet of chicken with fermented black beans, garlic and medley of peppers. This more refined take of your traditional chicken with black bean sauce was amazing. Again, the chicken was nicely seared on the outside and moist inside. However, the stand out was the taste, which has multiple components that included of all things, a mysterious aromatic Sechuan peppercorn component?! Interesting!!

- " Oxtail Hot Pot, Chinese Borscht style". Though good but IMO, the weakest of all of tonight's dishes. The slighty tough meat can use another half an hour of stewing whilst the delicious sauce can be made a little bit more bold. However, the addition of lemon grass was a nice touch, giving the dish addition exotic taste.

- " Stirred fry pea shoot with King mushrooms. Nicely seasoned, perfectly timed and not overly greasy. One of the best along the Hwy #7 corridor.

- Lastly, I specially ordered a simple " Stirred fry beef with Chinese broccoli' to test out the true calibre and skill of the kitchen. I was glad I did because the beef, lightly coated with an oyster sauce base gravy, when eaten piping hot, was utterly amazing! The veggie was cooked al dente and just right. This dish was as good, if not better than the one I had at Hong Kong's Michelin 1* Lei Garden!!!

Total bill with six bowls of rice came to $120 inclusive of tax and service.

I'm so glad to have re-discovered this place!!


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  1. Thanks for the report. The Oxtail Hot Pot is one of my favor there. Their stirred fried Glutinous rice is also very good.

    Regarding the dish as good as Lei Garden's, is there any meat tenderizer used in the "Stirred fry beef with Chinese broccoli' ?

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    1. re: skylineR33

      I did not detect the taste or texture of any meat tenderizer. Amount of oyster sauce gravy coating was done just right. Very good wok-hay.
      Have to try their 'advance order' Premium soya free range chicken next time. Was told it's the best in the area!

    2. Judy Cuisine on avg tends to be much more expensive than the competition in the area in terms of portion size/price.

      Good to see it deliver on taste though.......last time I went was 2 yrs ago for a CNY dinner. Perhaps not the best time to judge a kitchen.

      Judy Cuisine
      550 7 Hwy E, Richmond Hill, ON L4B3Z4, CA

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      1. re: aser

        What would you say is comparable in the area for quality/taste/presentation/portion? Not that familiar with the RH hood.

        1. re: neighborguy

          John's B-B-Q or Tan Chi Kee, both along Hwy#7.

          1. re: Charles Yu

            Thanks. The parents are rather particular about Chinese restaurants and it makes it difficult to go out. Cantonese is preferred but not downtown, I like the Congee places but are considered not fancy enough, and most places in RH and Markham are too "high class."


      2. Charles,

        how many of you dined for $120? I'm trying to figure out what it roughly cost per person, so I can mention it to some friends and see if they want to go.


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        1. re: foodyDudey

          Six of us! 3 big appetite male and 3 normal female.