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Searching for wedding site/reception within two hours of NYC!

I just got engaged and my fiancé and I want to have a small wedding (80-100 people) on a Saturday evening in late July or early August. We're looking for a place with a nice outdoor site for the ceremony/decent indoor backup site and great food. On a budget of less $100/person with tax and tip. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. You might look into Coindre Hall in Huntington, LI, NY

    1. I went to a wedding at the Hollowbrook Country Club last year in northern Westchester. The outdoor site was quite nice, on a shaded porch, and I thought the food was vey good (esp. for a wedding). I don't know what the indoor backup would be (but maybe it wouln't be necessary since the porch is covered).

      1. Congratulations!! Ceola Manor in Jefferson Valley, NY might have the price and setting you're looking for. I went to a wedding there this year and really enjoyed the view and the food. The newlyweds were very happy with the service as well.


        1. This might not be helpful as you'd need an outside caterer, but we got married at Tarrywile Park & Mansion a few years ago, in Danbury, CT> http://tarrywile.com/ . The fabulous thing about it was that it was all OURS - it really felt like we were getting married in our own, very grand house.

          We did things cheaply - we supplied our own booze (so we knew people were drinking really good stuff!), and I even did the food, with the help of my mother, though there are plenty of good catering firms around. We did the whole wedding for 70 for a ridiculously small amount of money.

          1. I went to a wedding a few years ago at Catlin Gardens in Slate Hill (Rockland County?) NY. Thought the grounds were lovely and it might be perfect for a wedding of your size and budget.
            Please let us know where you end up. Congratulations on the engagement!

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              I got married at Catlin Gardens, I agree, the grounds were beautiful!

            2. Hammond Museum in No. Salem, NY has beautiful outdoor wedding sites and excellent food. I have no idea about the price, but I have been to a beautiful wedding there.

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                I second the Hammond Museum, but I'm not sure if they only use one caterer, or if there is a choice. I went to my cousin's wedding there last summer, and the food was great, but the quantity was very, very light. Not sure if it was a budget issue, but people left hungry.

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                  I think she must be married by now - the thread is from 2011 :-)

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                    I figured she is happily into her marriage by now but since this is one of the threads that showed up in my search for Hammond in January 2014 I figured I would post up as well.

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                  Be very careful if you try to book the Hammond for a wedding. (site rental fee is $2500) Although a beautiful property, the contract to rent the premises is not something I would recommend anyone sign (and as an attorney, I have experience in these areas). First of all, they require the person signing the contract (the wedding couple) to perso...nally monitor alcohol consumption of their guests even though Hammond's sole preferred vendor is providing and serving that alcohol. In the event there is an accident involving anyone driving after having consumed alcohol, the bride/groom are personally liabile to defend and indemnify the facility from any lawsuits/judgments. The Museum also tries to avoid liability by requiring that the couple defend and indemnify them from any lawsuits/judgments from anyone who gets injured on site EVEN IF THE MUSEUM IS THE CAUSE OF THE NEGLIGENCE! Although such a provision in void as against public policy in NY, it should not be in your wedding contract. And in case one of your guests falls or trips on the property and lands on and breaks a museum artifact, the bride/groom are personally liable to pay for the damages wtihin 10 days. So if your guests slip on food that fell off a server's tray and knocks over a painting or a vase, be prepared to pay whatever the value of that is.

                  Once again, it is a beautiful property and it saddens us that we cannot have a wedding there because of the objectionable contract provisions but a wedding should be remembered for being a happy day and not for becoming a lawsuit.

                3. That is not a big number for a Saturday night in the tri-state area. Are you talking just the food and facility cost or all inclusive (flowers, music, favors, photographers..etc.)? Open bar alone can run $20-25 per person for just three hours. Considering you should tip 15-20% and tax could be 8%, that does not leave a very large budget.

                  I got married at Le Chateau in South Salem, NY. Wonderful outdoor setting with terrific views and nice food. We had around the same number of people and were able to keep it close to your budget (excluding band, favors, and photographers-I dont remember if flowers were included). The planners there were very helpful in customizing the event to meet our needs and our budget.

                  Le Chateau
                  RR 35, South Salem, NY 10590

                  1. With a beautiful old-style farmhouse and a garden/park setting right smack on the Hudson River, Harvest-on-Hudson in Hastings is a beautiful venue for an outdoor wedding. Know of 2 couples that had a great experience there!


                    Their sister restaurant, Half Moon, in Dobbs Ferry, is also beautifully sited right on the river but the building is a lot more modern in appearance. Half Moon is a bit less expensive than Harvest.


                    Food is really good at both places...

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                      I agree about the beautiful setting, but Half Moon would not be in their budget. It's $125 pp for a buyout at lunchtime, including full open bar.

                      Half Moon
                      1 High Street, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

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                        That's a pretty good price for a full open bar...

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                          It is a good price, and it includes tax and gratuity. My family is having a large party there this spring, and we've got nothing but good things to say so far about the planning process. However, the OP stated that she wanted to keep it under $100 with tax and tip, which will be very difficult in the area, especially in the summer.

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                            They didn't mention open bar, that would lower the price considerably...

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                        Was it a daytime wedding? Harvest's website says they only do weddings during the day. Anyone know of them bending the rules and allowing an evening event? Just curious ...

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                          Half Moon only does events during the day, and I'm betting it's the same with Harvest. They'll do a buy out from 12-4:30. I'm not sure they'd even consider doing it at night, but if they did, I'm sure the price point would be much higher.

                          Half Moon
                          1 High Street, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

                      3. Don't know the price point, but we've always liked our visits to the restaurant at Valley in Garrison...


                        1. I got married at The Kittle House in Chappaqua .It is considered among the top restaurants/wedding locales in the area. Everything was exceptional. The banquet manager was amazing, she took care of every detail. No request was too big or small. The food and service were among the best I've experienced at any wedding. I believe we paid about $75 per guest, but that was 13 years ago, so it might be over $100 by now.

                          1. Check out Crabtree Kittlehouse. I looked there and really liked it. My only concern was that in November it would be too cold to have my ceremony outdoors, and that was really one of the nicer things about the place. I don't know if they can do $100/person, but maybe on a Friday or Sunday you can have better luck.

                            Also, a friend got married at Bear Mountain Inn, and that was very nice. Outdoor ceremony/indoor reception. I think its more budget friendly. NYC folks can get there by cab from train.

                            $100 or less within 2 hours of NYC on a Saturday night is really really hard!

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                              Hi argica - I think she's already married. The thread is 3 years old.

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                                I realized that. But then it wouldn't let me delete my post. Maybe it will help someone else though.

                            2. rivierawaterfrontcaterer.com

                              1. My son had his wedding at Lyndhurst in Tarrytown. It was an amazing venue. Reasonable too!!

                                1. Sparkling Pointe on the North Fork is a beautiful venue. Ask for Casandra. We are members and have been to many events there. Beautiful setting, inside and out.

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                                    Plus the champagne will flow!