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Feb 21, 2011 06:03 PM

Birthday Gift Suggestions, Please.

Boston chow mom here, looking for advice from Austin hounds. My son's birthday is coming up and I would like to give him a gift certificate to an interesting specialty store that offers tastings and fun classes, along the lines of Murray's or Zabar's in Manhattan, or Formaggio here in Boston.

It could have a cheese focus, or be all about artisan bread, micro-brews, fish, herbs and spices, pastry or even kitchen equipment.... anything that's really original and exciting. He eats plenty of BBQ and TexMex already, so I'm looking for something different that might lead to new discoveries.

He lives in Travis Heights, I have no idea of how you get around there. Thanks so much!

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  1. hello cassis, from a formerly-boston and currently-austin hound.
    antonelli's cheese shop is austin's version of formaggio.
    there's a nice selection of charcuterie, if he's into that, too.
    they also have bread from one of the best bakers in the country, barrie cullinan.

    if you are looking for something different, pure luck is offering goat cheese making classes:

    good luck finding something for your son-- sounds like it will be a lot of fun to receive it!

    1. I second Antonelli's. The people there are great, and they have other specialty foods besides cheese, too.

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        Definitely 3rd Antonelli's.

        Actually, get a gift cert to Antonelli's, and then a gift cert to Whip-In, so they can get some tasty beer (or wine) for that cheese. Whip-In has the added bonus of being in Travis Heights (on the edge at least) and being a fantastic local beer store.

      2. Antonelli's really is great... also, since you mentioned classes, you might want to check out Dai Due: They have a "whole hog" class where you learn how to butcher a pig and make all kinds of things with it– chops, charcuterie, head cheese, yada yada. I wanna do it, just haven't pulled the trigger yet :


        Dai Due Farmers' Market Stand
        4th and Guadalupe, Austin, TX

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          oh i forgot about that. it does sound really interesting.

        2. Thanks so much! Antonelli's sounds just perfect, and seems to be the sort of business you really want to support. Have already contacted them.