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Feb 21, 2011 05:33 PM

Need help with all things foodie in Milton area

Hello Boston Chowhounders,
A Montrealer needs your help.
My very good (foodie) friend is moving to Milton from Montreal at the end of summer. Even though I'm sad to see him move, I want to make sure he settles in nicely with his family (4 kids).

I'm looking for names and addresses of "foodie" places in and around Milton:
- restaurants
- fruits & vegtables markets
- butchers
- fish markets
- specialty stores
- bakeries

Anything that comes to mind that will help me set up a nice list of places to send off my dear friend is welcomed.

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  1. The Fruit Center Market place has everything you are talking about. One stop shopping.

    1. Milton doesn't have much, although it has gotten slightly better than when I lived there. It's biggest strength is that it is so close to Boston. Quincy and Dorchester are right next door, which have some strong neighborhood restaurants.

      For restaurants actually in Milton, there is Abby Park.
      Nearest worthwhile fish market is probably Burke's in Quincy.
      For wine, cheese, and some bakery items there is the little Esprit du Vin shop in Milton, the owners were always very friendly.

      The Fruit Center was the best bet for groceries and has a butcher (fish market wasn't that great when I was there).

      For more nearby restaurant ideas look up Dorchester and Quincy.

      Esprit du Vin
      25 Central Avenue, Milton, MA 02186

      Abby Park
      550 Adams Street, Milton, MA 02186

      1. The posters here have pretty much covered what's available in Milton. I agree the Fruit Center Marketplace is a good stop. I love that I can get black truffle butter there. The produce is of good quality, they have a nice deli and Kinnealys meats. I have used the seafood counter which is run separately from the center, but much prefer Burkes in North Quincy, which is only 5 minutes away.

        1. Quincy, which is near by, has a very vibrant Asian community. Your friend might enjoy the very large Chinese supermarket there, Kam Man. Among other things, it has a nice seafood department. There are also some wicked good (to use a New England-ism) dim sum choices in Quincy.

          1. The Butcher Shop on Adams Street, Dorchester has good, run-of-the-mill meats. I doubt they'd have things like ostrich or armadillo, but the place is pretty solid.

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              The Butcher Shop also has great sausages. My favorite being the curry version.

              1. re: Guinness02122

                The Irish Butcher is a terrific place. Much better than Kinneally's in the Fruit Center.

                And they DO carry ostrich, by the way. Frozen, though. They carry a lot of unusual products.

                My favorite sausage is the hot jalapeno -- its craveworthy.

                1. re: C. Hamster

                  Oh. Last time I went I didn't notice anything unusual, but I was on a mission. I got their steak tips in mid-January and they were great.