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Feb 21, 2011 04:59 PM

Dinner Near Mississippi Studios

I have just moved to Oregon and am coming into town to see the Band of Heathens (a band I've seen a couple of times in Austin) at Mississippi Studios in early April. What recommendations do Hounds have for restaurants in the area. Nothing too fancy, as we are going to be rock and rolling shortly thereafter, but we do like fresh, flavorful and local. Thanks...

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  1. Lincoln or EaT Oyster Bar, both on N Williams.

    Or the cart pod on Mississippi, i.e. Garden State. If you buy beer at Prost, you can bring your cart food in with you.

    1. Liberty Glass on Mississippi is a gem....the drinks are cheap, the food is good (albeit simple - mac n' cheese, meat loaf, etc.), and the atmosphere is quintessentially 'Portland' (it's in a little pink house, they do bingo on Mondays...). The only problem is then don't take reservations, so you may want to avoid if you're a big group. The Mississippi pizza pub (above average pizza joint + live music) is another option. I love Proust, which was recommended by another poster, but their food menu in limited. You can bring food from the carts onto their patio (not sure about inside), but depending on the time/day you may find some carts closed.

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        "Prost" is a toasting expression and what the beer place is called. "Proust" was a writer.

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          Actually I really like the thought of going to a place named "Proust". The food carts at Miss Market are a really good option there--I especially like Garden State's porchetta sandwich. But the carts there aren't open particularly late, as noted earlier.