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Feb 21, 2011 04:58 PM

Coming to Miami next weekend, would love your input on my dining plans!!

Thanks in advance for looking at this, I only have reservations at NAOE and Michael's, the rest isn't carved in stone (nor are those two, I just like those two)

OK so going to Pompano next Saturday night and was going to try to catch Dona Raquel before they close, then head up to Funky Buddha to try some good craft beers Sunday AM off to Miami, staying Sunday night in SoBe.

Sunday- Brunch at Michael's Genuine, snack at SushiSamba, snack at Pubbelly and 9pm dinner at NAOE.

Monday- Lunch at Xixon, snack at (SushiSamba or Sustain, whichever we didn't do Sunday) and then gotta get back on the road.

Whatcha think? I always cram too much into a trip, but my last weekend trip to NYC we were able to eat a couple bites at nearly 30 different restaurants/grub spots in 3 days so I don't think 8-10 is unattainable :)

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  1. Now that's my kind of vacation!

    I love Xixon and Dona Raquel, those are the only two I've been to. I'm going to have to drag my guy to the Funky Buddah - sounds like fun.

    2101 SW 22 ST, Miami, FL 33145

    1. Not sure why you would choose to snack at sushi samba. I would nix it and just eat more at pubbelly or choose samba's more interesting cousin sugarcane. Or I would go next door to Sra Martinez for a bit more brunch.

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        Note that Gigi or Sakaya are also lunch options. You should know they, along with sugarcane have some overlap to pubbelly. Sugarcane has the most diverse menu, but I would not recommend getting the sushi dishes there (they are just like sushi samba and you are already going to Naoe which has far superior sushi).

        In your shoes, I would do SRA Martinez brunch after Michaels.

        1. re: tpigeon

          True, I forgot that Sra is on that list, it's right by Michael's and we were going to do a few bites at both. I'm glad you reminded me. I ate at SushiSamba in Vegas and loved everything but the sushi, but really loved loved the restaurant , and my buddy that's coming with me is brazilian... anyone been to both, does Miami S.S. compare to Vegas?

          Will be googling sugarcane and gigi posthaste...

      2. I would not bother with SushiSamba and instead devote your efforts to Pubbelly for Sunday for your NAOE "pre-dinner".

        Monday, I don't know if I'd go that far out of my way for Xixon, instead would consider a Midtown lunch tour - some combination of Sugarcane, Sustain, Sakaya Kitchen, Gigi. Sugarcane, in case it's not clear, is owned by the same group that owns SushiSamba, but they've got a great chef (Timon Balloo) and a more diverse menu.

        175 Sunny Isles Boulevard, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160

        1. so I need to nix sushisamba from the list, add Sra and Sugarcane?

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