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Medicinal soup

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Walking out into a crisp nigh with a tickle in my throat. Looking for a bowl of extremely nourishing soup -- if not something downright medicinal. Where am I headed?

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  1. Are you looking for a Chinese medicinal soup? Golden Phoenix is known for them. (I am not a fan of this type of soup, personally and can't vouch for it.)

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      Thanks for the suggestion. A Chinese medicinal soup would be excellent, but I'd also settle for a great bowl of borscht or chicken noodle too. Just something very nourishing.

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        In my 'hood: Luda on Hastings has a great wonton soup that they sprinkle with fried garlic chips. Bo Laksa King for his laksa. Le Do for pho. Danube for borscht.

    2. go for miso somewhere!

      1. My fave for a winter pick-me-up soup would be a lamb hotpot (rich broth, bone-in lamb, miso dipping sauce). There's a number of places in Richmond that do it, the names of which escape me, since I know where they are but not their names. Not very helpful I know.

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          I heartily agree - Asian soup. The Chow Times blog (http://chowtimes.com/) does a great job of reporting on Asian restaurants in Vancouver. (I am unaffiliated - I just like their blog.) Some good soup posts:

          * Bowl of Stars: $6.00 Cilantro Fish Soup Noodles for Lunch (http://chowtimes.com/2011/02/02/bowl-...
          )* The Most Favourite Taiwanese Beef Noodle in Vancouver (http://chowtimes.com/2011/01/29/the-m...
          )* New Concept Hot Pot: Three Soup Hot Pot for Soup Lovers (http://chowtimes.com/2011/01/21/new-c...)

        2. Burgoo (three locations, one on west side near UBC, other on Main near 15th, third at Lower Lonsdale) has a good variety of house-made soups and stews. A very warming and comfort-food place: