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Feb 21, 2011 04:55 PM

Medicinal soup

Walking out into a crisp nigh with a tickle in my throat. Looking for a bowl of extremely nourishing soup -- if not something downright medicinal. Where am I headed?

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  1. Are you looking for a Chinese medicinal soup? Golden Phoenix is known for them. (I am not a fan of this type of soup, personally and can't vouch for it.)

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      Thanks for the suggestion. A Chinese medicinal soup would be excellent, but I'd also settle for a great bowl of borscht or chicken noodle too. Just something very nourishing.

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        In my 'hood: Luda on Hastings has a great wonton soup that they sprinkle with fried garlic chips. Bo Laksa King for his laksa. Le Do for pho. Danube for borscht.

      1. My fave for a winter pick-me-up soup would be a lamb hotpot (rich broth, bone-in lamb, miso dipping sauce). There's a number of places in Richmond that do it, the names of which escape me, since I know where they are but not their names. Not very helpful I know.

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          I heartily agree - Asian soup. The Chow Times blog ( does a great job of reporting on Asian restaurants in Vancouver. (I am unaffiliated - I just like their blog.) Some good soup posts:

          * Bowl of Stars: $6.00 Cilantro Fish Soup Noodles for Lunch (
          )* The Most Favourite Taiwanese Beef Noodle in Vancouver (
          )* New Concept Hot Pot: Three Soup Hot Pot for Soup Lovers (

        2. Burgoo (three locations, one on west side near UBC, other on Main near 15th, third at Lower Lonsdale) has a good variety of house-made soups and stews. A very warming and comfort-food place: