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where to buy black cod?

Hi Hounds - I am away for work and just had an amazing and simple black cod dish I'd love to recreate at home. Anyone seen black cod for sale fresh anywhere? It's also called sablefish. Thanks!

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  1. I believe I've seen it at Ebisuya in Medford, and very rarely at New Deal fish market.

    1. They just had it at Quarterdeck in Maynard. I've been meaning to mention how much I love Quarterdeck. We get fish there about once a week - good variety and always great fish.

      1. You can order sabelfish, aka black cod, from New Deal, I bet.

        1. Captain Mardens

          Captain Marden
          279 Linden St, Wellesley, MA 02482

          1. I've also had it shipped to me from Browne Trading: www.brownetrading.com

            1. How is it - that in such a historic region, deeply rooted in the fishing industry... that hounds have to drive to Wellesley for fresh fish?

              We had guests last week from the south, and we found ourselves in Stop and Shop - where they've taken out the fresh fish counter, and replaced it with pre-packaged fish in a case, thus insuring that I never buy it from them. My guests asked if this was standard practice in New England....


              New Deal Fish Market
              622 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02141

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                Weird, isn't it? We have the East Coast's chief port of entry for amazing fish and shellfish, too. Well, as in any business: The demand creates the supply. Demand more.

                At least we have New Deal, Sakanaya, and Savenors--where they carry Browne Trading products (at mega-high prices). Also, the fish department at Whole Foods at Fresh Pond, helmed by Rebecca, is pretty good. On a related note: Ask your favorite Boston chef why customers will drop $43 for a choice grade piece of beef, but balk at spending comparable amounts on fish!


                75 Linden St, Boston, MA 02134

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                  black cod; i bought some at sakayana on saturday.

              2. I actually asked Carl at New Deal about this fish a while back (maybe a year ago?) and he said it's become tremendously popular in Japan, which is making demand surge, which makes it harder for him to get it in. I hope that's changed since then, as it's one of my favorite fish as well.

                1. I saw it at Savenors in Beacon Hill a couple weeks ago.