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Feb 21, 2011 03:50 PM

J&G Steakhouse

I have a reservation for here next Saturday. I'm taking my dad there when he's in town this weekend. We are both not big meat eaters, but enjoy fish and the occasional filet. I think the setting in itself will be nice, but can people who have actually had dinner there make suggestions about dishes/appetizers? we are both very healthy eaters--so no to things that are really creamy/buttery or oily.

J&G Steakhouse
515 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20004

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  1. The menu does change, so some things may be slightly different. Having said that, the scallop appetizer I had was excellent, and I admit to occasionally dreaming about the salted caramel ice cream sundae. Those were the real standouts for me.

    My husband had the Wagyu sirloin, and it was worth the money. I don't know if it the absolute best steak I've ever tasted, but it ranks. He was loathe to share, and we made him anyway. Really great steak and a reasonable size for a restaurant at 10oz. The steak sauces are, IMHO, appalling. I had the short ribs. I have nothing bad to say about them, but I'd probably try something different for variety's sake if I went back. I have not had it, but people tend to rave about the lamb - it wasn't on the menu when I was there or I would have ordered it. Lastly, boneless skinless chicken breast is hardly exciting, but a member of our party ordered it, and it is really good there - really nice parmesan crust, nice lemony sauce.

    It just occured to me that, as you probably know, Wagyu beef has an amazingly high fat content due to the wonderful marbling, so I guess you'll be missing out on that. And the chicken - I didn't think it was heavy at all, because they know what they are doing there, but it is a lemon-butter sauce. And the sundae. Bummer. At least there are still the scallops.