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Feb 21, 2011 03:15 PM

Caribbean BBQ Swai - from Wal-Mart

OK, just saw in the seafood section at Wal-Mart a frozen entree of Swai. Looked good so Igrabbed a package and it was for the microwave. Thought interesting so brought home and cooked. Wow! You won't believe it until you try it, but two entrees in the package for $5.98 and it was actually very good. Anyone else tried this yet?

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  1. I'm wondering if it will be carried everywhere, or only in regions they deem 'appropriate markets'? Where are you located?

    1. Was there a brand, or will it be easier to look for "Carribean BBQ Swai" on the package? I might get into WalMart once a month, so I'm working with a short window, perhaps!

      1. Bert2011 - can you be more specific about the packaging - is it Walmart's 'Great Value' brand, or something else. Can you tell us what city/region you are in? After seeing your post, I went to the local Walmart here in Tulsa and they did not carry it, but said that if I could give them more information, such as a SKU number, then they could locate it for me. PLEASE, Please, get back to me and the other posters here - we want to try it!! Thanks much.

        1. FOUND IT! I called the WalMart customer service line and they had a representative from my local Walmart store contact me to tell me they just got the product in. When I when in the next day, the very helpful manager, Rob, walked me over to the frozen seafood section (raw and cooked shrimp and other mostly raw fish located there) and pointed out where the item was. The brand is "Delitefuls" and the 2-entree package cost $5.48. I did not yet try the product, but when I do, I will do a follow-up post.

          1. I saw it this weekend and grabbed two packages. It was ok - spicy and sweet. The fish was excellent though. I don't think I would buy it again but it was worth the $6.00.