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Feb 21, 2011 02:38 PM

New Carbon Steel Pan: Plan to boil potatoes then use Canter's high-heat Flaxseed oil seasoning method.

Title says it all. I just received a Paderno carbon steel frying pan (cheaper than de Buyer and I had credits at CSN) and plan to follow the de Buyer's method for preparing a new carbon steel pan. I will then continue to season it using Cheryl Canter's method for seasoning CI. Why go to the bother? Because I probably will not be using it on a regular basis and thus it might take months to properly season it by just cooking in it, so I figured why not just get it done (or rather, get a good head start) by using Canter's method (which I had pretty good success with on a new Lodge CI pan) after boiling the potatoes.

Please feel free to share any thoughts or suggestions.

PS..I'll post some pics and share my experience. Based upon seasoning the Lodge CI, after I season the Paderno, I'll just heat up the pan with Crisco, let it cool and repeat throughout a day, then start it off with bacon.

de Buyer video:

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  1. If it is as smooth as most carbon steel pans then I wouldn't waste my time. Stove top seasoning of carbon steel is so easy that I don't bother with the oven method at all. I use a very small amount of lard and wipe with a paper towel and repeat a few times and it's ready to go.

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      I absolutely agree. IME, just three repetitions of the method you describe will give you a very nice evenly seasoned pan. Then just use it.

    2. You can do it, but I don't think it is necessary. I will just go ahead and do a regular seasoning on your cookware and let it be.

      1. Thanks for the advice!

        1. As others have said, it is overkill. I have a debuyer carbon plus pan i stripped and seasoned with the flax seed mthod and it's just as good as the normal debuyer method shown on that video. I did this a month or two ago and performance is the same as carbon pans with the regular seasoning method

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            I didn't think it would matter, but it is great to have the opinions from a person who has done it.