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Any good places that have Japanese style food in DC?

I've been on an Asian food kick for a little while and I want to try some other Japanese delicacies.

I want to try things you normally don't have in Japanese restaurants, like I've had sushi and teriyaki chicken before. I guess what I'm trying to look for is maybe like a bakery or an Asian grocery store where I can get things like oobanyaki or some taiyaki( I had this at the Cherry Blossom festival last year and really liked it), or just sold Japanese food that wasn't Pocky.

Resturants are welcome too, I really liked the Wok & Roll in Chinatown.

Wok & Roll
1371 Beverly Rd, Mc Lean, VA 22101

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  1. You can always try izakaya at Kushi. Not traditional, nor very authentic, but it's probably the best izakaya in DC.


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      Agreed. Best Asian bakery I can think of is Korean, in Annandale, so probably not helpful.

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        I second Kushi. It's not the best izakaya in the world, but it's definitely the best in DC and has robata and other non-sushi/teriyaki options. Not super cheap, but definitely not bank-breaking either.

      2. Tachibana in McLean has soba and shabu shabu and some other things that you might like...

        1. I'd go with Sushi Taro and Kushi, although neither are cheap.

          Good luck with Wok & Roll. Had good experiences a couple of times, and was then served $20 of 100% inedible food a few weeks ago at lunch. That's enough for me.

          1. Satsuma in Bethesda has yakiniku-- where you barbecue on the table. Just tried it for the first time and liked it (but when I say first time, I mean anywhere, not just there). They also have ramen and I thought the noodles were pretty good and the broth was ok (not as good as Ren's), but again I am not a ramen expert.

            1. OK, the best all-around Japanese restaurant in DMV is Blue Ocean Izakaya in Fairfax. Yep, I said it. The Japanese go there, I'm one of them. This is not a high-end place and the prices reflect it. However, the chefs know their business, true Japanese. Be sure to make reservations, as tables--even on a Tuesday night--are hard to get as of late. Also, give them a couple of day's notice and ask for omakaze (chef's selection) and sit back and enjoy. Even the humble ramen is authentic here.

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                I had a couple of awful items from the Izakaya menu at Blue Ocean. A miniscule portion of broiled slice pork with ginger sauce that was gray, limp, and room temperature, and a tasteless fish cake. A bowl of tempura udon was completely uninteresting.

                Aside from the omakase, is there anything else you recommend?

              2. I'd heard reports that it had gone downhill, but I've been to Sushi Ko twice in the last month, and it was still pretty good and has some items on the small plates menu like ohitashi or a seared lobster w/ ponzu cream that you might not find elsewhere. Kaz Sushi similarly has some interesting "Japanese-style" small plates.

                1. Makoto in DC is a very good kaiseki restaurant. You'll definitely be offered very different, very refined food here.

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                    Minneapolis-area CH here...I just wanted to comment on Makoto -- I was there last night and found it worth all of the positive comments. I had the multi-course dinner and enjoyed the subtlety and skill. The mussels in broth/wine, the duck slices from course #2 (a trio of things) and the sea bass were highlights, but the real standouts were the shabu shabu (which is regrettably absent from Minneapolis-St. Paul for the most part), the sea bass (grilled with a hint of glaze), and the Boston mackerel nigiri (mackerel in any form is one of my favorite fishes, also nearly impossible to get here and when you do get it, it's heavily pickled). Service was very attentive.

                    I found the place after hunting around on here so thank you for that. I would go back in a heartbeat.

                  2. Mikaku Restaurant, at the intersection of Centreville and McLaren Roads in Herndon, appears to be Japanese owned, and has a nice selection of dishes that aren't on every menu. They have a reasonable selection of small specialty dishes, things like raw squid cut to resemble noodles (ika somen) or grilled roe-filled smelt.

                    One thing you really ought to try is the hamachi kama (under different names in a few places), which is a salted grilled yellowtail collar. With some diligence, you can get every fatty, delicious morsel off the bones.