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Feb 21, 2011 01:09 PM

Any place in Tampa for really "good" gluten free bread?

OK, I did put "good" in quotes. This is really a new one for me. I have sought out the best bread across the globe and have enjoyed every bite. I have been struck with some pretty nasty arthritis over the last couple of years and was about ready to jump off a bridge. As of December, I found a new specialist who took me off wheat gluten and processed sugar. The change is pretty amazing. Obviously, it stinks for a guy who has travelled two hours out of his travel path for a perfect cookie, but it beats taking half an hour to crawl out of bed in the am. It is what it is. I have been OK with everything but missing toast with my java in the am. Thus my question. Is there any bakery in Tampa that makes gluten free bread that is worthy of consuming? Thanks.

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  1. I haven't sampled them myself, but Rollin' Oats (MacDill @ Cypress) has several different kinds, so your chances of finding something palatable are good; I think they even bake some of their own. I'd love to know if you find anything you like, b/c we have friends who keep a GF house and it would be nice to pass on your findings. Good luck!

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      Oh man, I didn't realize that the good folks at Nature's Harvest lost their battle...too bad.

      If they have the the same folks running the bakery now that it's Rollin' Oats, it's your best bet for vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free breads...I used to make special trips just to buy their bread...I have no gluten issues, but their breads were a-maze-ing.

      I am not sure if their stuff is gluten free, it probably is. My wife likes their flax and millett bread. I have tried it and it is good. You absolutely have to toast it though, or it is inedible for some reason. The difference is night and day

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        i did a quick check of the ingredients - it appears as though their entire Millet & Flax line is made without any gluten ingredients. if they're produced in the same kitchen/facility as everything else they wouldn't be safe for Celiacs or anyone who's severely gluten intolerant, but *might* be okay for the OP if s/he's not hyper-sensitive to a bit of cross-contamination.

      2. Don't think Pane Rustica has gluten-free bread among their daily offerings, but it probably wouldn't hurt to give them a bell and find out if they are willing to make some for you. They are one of the best local restaurants -- not to mention very knowledgeable, friendly, and passionate about bread -- and as such might indeed be willing to accommodate a request.

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          Thanks all. By the way, I have specifically been avoiding Pane Rustica. One of my favorites. Just don't think I have that much will power!

        2. There's Viitals on Florida Ave in Seminole Heights. They're dedicated GF, and while I haven't tried their bread the GF cookies were pretty tasty.

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            Yes, the two local gluten free bakeries are Sami's and Viitals. IMO Viitals is a better bread. VERY high protein, vegan, etc. It may just be a taste issue. Some people complain their items are dry, etc. They do use alternative flours to get high protein and low glycemic levels. If you go in, the owners explain it all to you, serious depth. Gourmet Pizza company uses their gluten free dough for pizza.

          2. The original comment has been removed