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Restaurant between Times Square & Lunt Fontaine Theater no asian or sushi

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Sisters weekend. Looking for a great restaurant for this Saturday night.

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  1. db Bistro Moderne on W 44th (between 5th/6th)

    1. your two points leave little room for great options, as the Lunt Fontaine is really in what is considered the general Times Square area. the theater is on 46th between Broadway and 8th for those that don't want to google it. are you open to walking a bit?

      1. We can expand the area. We are going to the theater for an 8:00 show and we are looking for someplace within that geographical location.

        1. Before or after theater?

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              What about Toloache? Do a search on this board for pre-theater or times square. There are many posts.

              251 West 50th Street, New York, NY 10019

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                I will check it out! Thank you