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Feb 21, 2011 12:30 PM

60's Potluck Ideas

OK - so I am desperate here... CH's help me out !!!

What are ideas for food drinks to bring to a 60's Potluck themed house party???

Don't let me down...I have been googling with little success

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    Loved reading this old thread. We always had salami rolled around cream cheese, celery stuffed with cream cheese and OMG, canned black olives. I never knew what real olives tasted like until my 20's !
    Sweedish meatballs are still beloved, or the grape jelly/chili sauce combo is a classic.
    Fondue is great, too.

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      I didn't bother looking at that thread, but I think I posted Rumaki there and can't emphasize it enough (I'd skip the pineapple option and save that for the Hawai'an pupu platter stuff, d'ja notice the glottal stop? very pre-1975 when 50 was still exotic!)

      for me this is so the SoCal version of Ice Storm. pineapple sherbet rum drinks, moms running around the pool in muumuus, dads with leis wrapped around their heads, flaming platters of shrimp and pork nibbles.

      good thing CPS wasn't as informed in those days.

    2. Anchovy canapes - anchovy paste on toast rounds, garnished with a slice of pimento stuffed olive.
      Pigs in a blanket
      Jello mold, sweet or savory. Savory ones have things like chopped onion, celery, tuna, mayonnaise. The Joy of Jello cookbook has pages of stuff.
      Impossible Cheeseburger Pie made with Bisquick
      5 Cup Salad
      7 Can Casserole
      Banana Pudding with vanilla wafers
      Chocolate wafer and whipped cream cake
      Get a copy of Square Meals or any of those "Back of the Box" books, you''ll be fine!

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      1. re: ratbin

        Plebeian, but:
        Tuna potato-chip casserole
        Chicken Divan
        Chicken/Turkey Tetrazzini
        Chow Mein and Fried Rice (Chinese-style food was a popular dinner party item, as was:)
        Green bean casserole w/ mushroom soup and French's onion rings topper
        Chicken Rice Roger
        Baked Spaghetti and Meatballs
        Caesar Salad (appeared earlier, but VERY vogue in the sixties)
        Deviled eggs
        Rumaki (bacon wrapped around chicken liver, pineapple chunk and/or water chestnut, teriyaki-marinated, skewered and broiled)
        Anything "Polynesian" - Pu Pu platters, etc.

        Caviar Pie

      2. Pimento cheese in celery or fondue!

        1. There is deeply ingrained historical connection
          'Tween the sixties and also that canned up concoction
          that is still sold as Campbell's
          Creamed Mushroom Soup.

          Now with a zip top, so no need for a sharpener
          to apply to that ancient can opener.

          I would think that a case of a dozen at least
          would afford to the theme of a good Sixties feast.

          Baking in those days referred not to bread
          but to casserole concoctions that these days we dread.

          But heck who doesn't love a speared liver and bacon.
          Best thing from the Sixties was skewered Rumaki.

          1. Lipton Onion Soup dip, hooray!

            wedges of baloney layered with cream cheese & chives (and don't forget the green food coloring...)

            Spam & green olives on toothpicks
            Ham & Swiss cubes on toothpicks

            Prunes stuffed with cream cheese & pecan halves

            Spirals of dried beef with processed cheddar spread
            Spirals of roast beef with processed horseradish cheese spread

            Lime Jello molded with fruit salad, definitely. Ring mold with the center filled with mayo, perhaps...

            The chocolate wafer/whipped cream log that ratbin suggested is both period-appropriate
            and unbelievably good! For the full effect, you have to mix some almond extract into the sweetened cream before whipping, and cover the outside with a mosaic of maraschino cherry bits. Those (Famous brand) chocolate wafers are still available.