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Feb 21, 2011 11:29 AM

Quick question - How long would an open, refrigerated, ziplocked can of chipotle peppers last?

I kept meaning to puree and freeze.... but maybe they're still okay? Do those go bad easily?

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  1. I think they are usually packed in an adobo sauce which should have vinegar so I would imagine they would last a while. Why do you need to puree? I just dump the whole can in a zip lock freezer bag & freeze. Then I break off what i need while still frozen. Sometimes I grate the frozen chipotles (microplane) into what I am making --good distribution without chopping.

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        i puree the contents before freezing - i find it allows for the best distribution of heat & flavor when i'm using it from the frozen state. occasionally i'll also pour the puree into mini ice cube trays and make frozen "chips" out of it for tossing into hot preparations.

        BTW, i thought i was being so original/resourceful the first time i discovered how handy it was to grate it when working with the frozen stuff...apparently not so much ;)

      2. I'd suggest transferring them to a small jar. Things usually keep better that way; storing in an open can isn't the best. Anyways, in a jar it keeps a long time.

        1. Thanks for the answers everyone! They seem like the type of thing to last a while. I'll freeze them tonight. And yes, I was gonna puree so it would be more... homogenous. But probably I'm just gonna freeze them whole now, with that grater trick.

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          1. re: esquimeaux

            You could also freeze individual cubes in ice cube trays.

          2. I don't bother freezing, because in a glass jar they last indefinitely. Even in a can I don't think they'd go bad exactly, I'd be more worried about leaching bpa or what-not from the can.

            1. I've kept 'em in a sealed glass jar for at least a month with no repercussions. Not sure how much longer they'd be safe. Like the idea of freezing--does it change the texture, tho?

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              1. re: pine time

                I haven't noticed any change in texture. I used to wrap each little pepper, with a healthy serving of sauce, in plastic wrap and freeze, but then I found that dumping them in the bottom of a freezer bag, rolling up, and freezing works much better. Then when I want some, I just take the roll out and, while still frozen, shave off much as I need. I do the same thing with tomato paste.