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Favorite Food Vendor at the Hollywood Farmers Market

I'm going to make a huge effort to make it to the Farmers Market in Hollywood this weekend. Any food vendors I gotta try?

Hollywood Farmers Market
1600 Ivar Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

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  1. I have a weird obsession with the organic spicy tofu at the Korean booth (kimchee, other stuff). Dave's Gourmet Korean? Did some internet sleuthing, that's what I found. No cohesive list of vendors that I could find.

    I also bought some marble rye from the Homeboy Industry folks. Pricey ($6) but excellent.

    1. The Bread Man's bran muffins are out of this world. They're usually gone by 10 or so, though.

      1. Love the Pupusa's at the Salvadoran stand!

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          I also like the pupusas at the Salvadoran stand.

          The vegan mac n cheese at Taste of Life is also a winner, as is their ginger drink.

        2. The Coconut Fritters from the Thai Booth! :D


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            I just had the coconut "cake" at the Thai stand--they're amazing. Do they make two halves then stick them together with something sweet?

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              Anything from the Thai stand! The food is VERY typical Thai. The chicken satay is S.O.'s fav. The banana wrapped rice is stuffed w/either banana or taro. ( I like the taro). YUM! The papaya salad perfect sweet/sour and salt (dried shrimp) all together. And, yes those coconu fritters/cakes -"KHANOM BA - BIN" - They're the bomb! We go to the market JUST for this stand!

          2. i totally get the obsession with dave's korean! i have some of that spicy tofu in my fridge right now. i also love their tempeh. there are two stalls for daves korean. the prepared items to go, and the grill items to eat there. i like the to go items better. they also have awesome coconuts. also this past sunday i finally got some of the bread man's rosemary rolls. never tried them before, but i'll be buying from them again - you can just take one and eat it, doesn't need anything on it! i don't like village bakery items, next to the bread man though. too dry and not enough flavor. the pupusa's are also yum.

            1. I just wish people not eating wouldn't camp out at the few places to sit and eat. All I need is 5-10 min sit and enjoy my pupusas and im out!

              1. anyone try that roasted chicken stand? i always see it there..smells good, looks good, but i just havent had the chance to try it.

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                  i did. it was terrific. and it was the end of the day...and some people BEGGED the guy to sell them some chicken. i had taken the last piece that was fully cooked. they wanted what was left....no matter what the degree of "doneness". but he said it wasn't fully cooked, and he wouldn't sell it. good sign!

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                    That was the first time I've ever seen the French style roaster (where the chicken drippings fall on to the potatoes) in the US. For the life of me I can't understand why these aren't everywhere.

                2. I love the jambalaya from Flava Lady. The beef patties are pretty good too.

                  1. 1) another vote for the pupusas.
                    2) The menudo at the Mexican spot next to the pupusa spot is really good take home fare. I add avocado, a poached egg and some chips at home and it becomes downright elegant brunch fare.