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Feb 21, 2011 11:23 AM

Favorite Food Vendor at the Hollywood Farmers Market

I'm going to make a huge effort to make it to the Farmers Market in Hollywood this weekend. Any food vendors I gotta try?

Hollywood Farmers Market
1600 Ivar Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

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  1. I have a weird obsession with the organic spicy tofu at the Korean booth (kimchee, other stuff). Dave's Gourmet Korean? Did some internet sleuthing, that's what I found. No cohesive list of vendors that I could find.

    I also bought some marble rye from the Homeboy Industry folks. Pricey ($6) but excellent.

    1. The Bread Man's bran muffins are out of this world. They're usually gone by 10 or so, though.

      1. Love the Pupusa's at the Salvadoran stand!

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          I also like the pupusas at the Salvadoran stand.

          The vegan mac n cheese at Taste of Life is also a winner, as is their ginger drink.

        2. The Coconut Fritters from the Thai Booth! :D


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            I just had the coconut "cake" at the Thai stand--they're amazing. Do they make two halves then stick them together with something sweet?

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              Anything from the Thai stand! The food is VERY typical Thai. The chicken satay is S.O.'s fav. The banana wrapped rice is stuffed w/either banana or taro. ( I like the taro). YUM! The papaya salad perfect sweet/sour and salt (dried shrimp) all together. And, yes those coconu fritters/cakes -"KHANOM BA - BIN" - They're the bomb! We go to the market JUST for this stand!

          2. i totally get the obsession with dave's korean! i have some of that spicy tofu in my fridge right now. i also love their tempeh. there are two stalls for daves korean. the prepared items to go, and the grill items to eat there. i like the to go items better. they also have awesome coconuts. also this past sunday i finally got some of the bread man's rosemary rolls. never tried them before, but i'll be buying from them again - you can just take one and eat it, doesn't need anything on it! i don't like village bakery items, next to the bread man though. too dry and not enough flavor. the pupusa's are also yum.