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Feb 21, 2011 11:23 AM

KindKreme in Pasadena offers pretty good vegan and gluten-free ice cream and ice cream treats.

I know KindKreme is a chain, but this is just for the Pasadena location.

It's a vegan, organic, and (mostly) gluten-free ice cream shop.

Now words like vegan, organic and gluten-free don't exactly equal rich, creamy and lucious (at least not in my mind), but for what it is, it's pretty darn good.

They have lots of flavors and while none are overly sweet, none of them are really that distinctive. All of the Honey __ flavors (i.e. Honey Blueberry, Honey Peach, etc.) all sort of taste the same. Not that they taste bad, just sort of the same.

Same with the chocolate and chocolate based flavors.

Still, it's not bad if you want a vegan and gluten-free treat.

If I'm there again, I"m definitely trying the Affogato.


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  1. thanks for the heads up, ipsedixit. i've never heard of this chain before but now i'm curious to give it a try, plus it's only a few blocks from where i live. i didn't check the nutritiional content but are these gluten free, vegan ice creams supposed to be lower in fat than regular ice crm?

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      I suppose it is probably lower in fat (at least saturated fats)given that it's vegan, but with the use of all the nut butters, I'm not so sure the difference will be all that appreciable.