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Feb 21, 2011 09:35 AM

Roger's Rib Shack-Northridge

A review by Steve2 in LA, of Roger's Rib Shack was posted in that long thread about Best BBQ in LA.

The review gets lost in that thread, so I wanted to see what other CH thought of Roger's Rib Shack.

Roger's Rib Shack
(818) 741-4070
8450 Reseda Blvd.
Northridge, CA 91324

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  1. We ordered food to go from Rogers a couple of weeks ago. We orders a quarter chicken white meat with a side, tri tip with beans and a pulled pork sandwich.When I got home we found that the chicken was a leg and a thigh and I was missing the beans from the tri tip. The tri tip order also seemed very small. I live about 10 minutes from the place. My wife called and told them the mistakes. They brought over to my house the correct chicken and a cup full of tri tip. They still forgot the beans but they made an effort. I would go back again and try it.