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Feb 21, 2011 08:51 AM

Aldi food store now in Queens NY

this place is like a cross between Costco and Trader Joes.
it's definitely worth a look if you are in the Rego Park area.
same new mall by 63rd and the LIE as Costco & Kohles.
they have a "bring your own bag" policy, or will sell you
a bag for 0.10 plastic or 2.00 canvas.

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  1. A huge percentage of their offerings are private label with no Kosher certification, which is odd because Trader Joe's, which shares some sourcing (and parentage) has a good amount of Kosher product. Probably not in keeping with their "lowest-cost" ethic.

    1. I'm put off by the apparent need to pay for parking

      1. uhh maybe it is differant in NY but I would never compaire Aldis rto anthing even similar to TJ or even Costco
        Aldi is a deep discount, basic food stuff type of store with many off brands from third world countries
        Costco sells jumbo version of the stuff you find in a typical food store and well TJ's is in a class if its own
        Aldis have horrible hours (ours closes at 8 pm - huh? what is up with that) and have a ver limited selection of goods even if you are not looking for Kosher. if you want Kosher foods you will have a hard time finding things to buy at Aldis.
        NOT worth the trip IMO.

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          Never seen products from third world countries at Aldi. maybe you are confusing them with dollar stores.

          "stuff you find in a typical grocey store" must mean name brands. Never been to Costco..but if the premise is similar to Sam's Club...all the products they can find in smaller quantities at Aldi..just not a name brand.

          And TJ's..never been there. Just sounds like a more expensive Aldi's with a tropical Coco bananas theme.

          1. re: Prettypoodle

            If by "third world countries" you mean France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Canada, and the USA, then I agree with you. Those countries are the source of the vast majority of food sold at Aldi-US.

            Aldi-US and TJ's are in different divisions of the same parent company, but they share purchasing, warehousing, and distribution wherever possible. You can find many TJ's products at Aldi if you know what to look for, and the price at Aldi will be 20-40% less.

          2. Their Grandessa ChocoToffee cookies are spectacular. Gallon of milk is really cheap at 2.19. Salt is like 30cents and some of their cheapo chips are really tasty. Nice sized coleslaw at 2.50. Fresh and tasty. Their .99cent hot cocoa tastes better than any supermarket brand. It's a good discount store if you don't want to buy things in bulk.

            Wouldn't travel out of my way just for this store. It's a neat little place for the ton people who live within walking distance. I personally love it. I always stop by after shopping at Costco.

            This store is owned by the same ppl who own trader joes. It's just a cheapo version.

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            1. re: tokimoki

              Another really good item is Sea Queens Wild Caught Haddock at $5.00 a pound. About 5 decent sized boneless fillet that's perfect for fish tacos. Moser Roth chocolates are also divine.

            2. My problem with them is you never know what will be in stock and what won't be in stock

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              1. re: redfish62

                TJ''s is also guilty of odd stocking habits and limited/seasonal supply.

                And, Aldi's prices change more often than TJ's or grocery stores. When I asked about the price of eggs jumping from as high as $1.55/doz to .80 dozen the store Mgr. in NJ told me Aldi's follows competitor circulars week to week and decides what to charge. He went onto say their pricing has nothing to do with the price of fuel or overselling, underselling an item. I'm not sure what I believe but that's the answer I was given on the cost of eggs @ Aldi's.

                When I shopped there yesterday I also noticed the displays near the register give the appearance of clearance sale when in fact the items have been moved up front just to sell out the remainder at the same price they were always marked.

                One last observation, the Aldi' store circular is poorly designed.