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Feb 21, 2011 08:37 AM

Best Cheap Eats in Toronto?

Where do you like to go for cheap eats for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner????

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  1. Lunch I like a bubbling bowl of pork bone soup and depending where you go you get up to 10 small sides-all for about 7 bucks, cheap eats for sure.

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      Wiley, always love your offerings, even once our messages have crossed the Chowhound path ---- but while many others also enjoy Korean Pork Bone Soup, I truly suggest Pho as a tastier and more complex wonderful soup. Granted, you won't get the fantastic Korean side dishes. As for Pork Bone Soup, I hate the flavour of boiled pork and bones, but I decided oh what the heck try it, and as expected my palate found it so horrible,I think only a cup of chili would make me enjoy, maybe! So many, many other better Korean dishes,having said that, probably a thousand or two Pork Bone Soup dishes are served daily!!!!! Bottom line, certainly a bowl of Vietnamese Pho and it's combined complexity and simplicity is a sensible alternative! To the poster richardq, it is ironic that you mention Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, but after coming out of a club after a great late night of music entertainment, I just would love a great bowl of Pho at 2.00 a.m.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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        I would as well, but are the Pho places open as late as the Koreans?

        1. re: Wiley

          i thought pho pasteur was open quite late.

          there are other cheap eats threads that the OP can search for. i feel like i recall one looking for suggestions under $7 or maybe it was $10.

          1. re: pinstripeprincess

            Pho Pasteur is open 24/7.

            Pho Pasteur
            525 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T1H4, CA

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            Wiley, interesrting thought, maybe Korean on North Yonge open late, but in an area not in late often! When lucky enough to find musical acts I want to enjoy, it`s been of late the former El Mocombo, the Silver Dollar less so, Hugh`s Room, so it`s the Gardiner and 427 home. You have trough planted a seed of thought for Korean late night as on occasion I can be crossing the North Yonge area ---- Thanks For Suggesrtion, I`m sure you`re right as many Night Clubs are open late, Korean Cuisine!!!

      2. 1/4 chicken meal at any of the Ali Baba's locations, $4.99 + tax = 1 large delicious meal or 2 small delicious meals

        1. When I have a hankering for Cheap Eats, Sneaky Dee's definitely fits the bill for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner! They make great omelettes, and I love their wings! Overall, I find their food to be really good, and you really can't beat their prices for food or drinks!

          Another cheap-eat for an early dinner is Beast 120 at The Beast Restaurant, Wed-Fri 4-6pm.

          1. Nazareth Bar (969 Bloor St. W) is sooo cheap and delicious!! It's my favorite Ethiopian food in the city. For $7.99 you get a huge vegetarian platter big enough for 2 people and the wine is super duper cheap too (I believe $4). It opens at 3pm.

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            1. re: JustinBerbere

              I'll second Nazareth. Amazing place.

              NOTE: It's closed Tuesdays.

            2. For a cheap snack/small meal, vietnamese bakeries are great. They have buns with different fillings such as bbq pork, curry beef, ham and cheese and many more offerings. Sweet buns as well. Also they usually have spring rolls for cheap. The buns are quite filling and yummy. I've been to the one on the east side of Spadina, near Dundas and they had a number of options that I found to be tasty for the cheap price.