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Feb 21, 2011 08:27 AM

Buying paneer near Downtown Brooklyn/Park Slope?

Where can I buy frozen paneer (i.e. Swad brand or other) in or around Downtown Brooklyn/Park Slope? I don't need a full Indian grocery store, which I know I'm not going to find in this area. But has anyone seen paneer sold at another type of grocery store in the area? I'm trying to avoid the trek up to JH. Thanks!

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  1. Sorry that it is not Park Slope or downtown Brooklyn but the only place I've seen packaged and/or frozen paneer has been in this little Inidan grocery called Patel. It's on 4th Ave and around 54th Street. I guess that qualifies it as Sunset Park. It's the only place in Brooklyn where I've been able to find fresh curry leaves too.