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Feb 21, 2011 08:16 AM

Source to buy wheat for grinding my own flour

I have found some at Whole Foods, but I am needing a less expensive option. Does anyone know of a place nearby to buy 25-50 pound bags of wheat berries? I have been searching for quite some time only to be disappointed by the shipping costs. Thanks for any help!


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  1. It is not 25-50 pounds at a time, but I have purchased hard red spring wheat berries (from Johns Red Mill) in 2-pound bags at the Burlington Market Basket. Perhaps they would sell you a case at a discounted price.

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        Pinch, do you mean Bob's Red Mill?

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          Oops, i certainly do! Thanks for the correction. I hope it helps jonejenn.

      2. Savage was bought by Cirelli was bought by Perkins, but somewhere in there is Boston's big flour wholesaler and I am sure they have big bags for very small $. for example you can get 50# bags of good bread flour for $15 or so. Nice thing about whole wheat berries is they keep for a LONG time.

        They don't seem to have done a good job listing the flours Cirelli sells/sold, so you might have to call.

        What are you using to grind the flour?

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          I have just purchased a Nutrimill, and I am so excited to use it! I make all of our breads, biscuits and such. Thanks!

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            You may already know this, but grinding wheat is apparently a very dusty business. We have some friends who do this and they keep their mill in the garage.

        2. The folks out at Wheatberry in Amherst have a grain CSA - don't know if they might be able to sell in bulk.

          1. How about direct from a Massachusetts farm. I met the farmers from Four Star Farms last summer at the Copley Farmers' Market and loved every grain I bought from them. I have no idea how they compare by price for large quantities but the small bags were certainly fair for the quality. The site says $50 for a 50 lb bag of wheat berries.