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Feb 21, 2011 07:58 AM

La Boqueria--open on Mondays?

I've read conflicting information on the opening days of this market. Some sources maintain that it is open on Mondays while others cite that it is closed Mondays. Perhaps some stalls are open on Mondays (??) Does anyone know for certain??? Many thanks!

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  1. La Boqueria is open on Mondays. I was there couple Mondays ago. As you suspect, not every stall is open but there will be plenty of action. As for the bars, I think only El Quim is closed Mondays.

    1. @ erica: we seem to travel in the same circles.
      We just returned from a week in Barcelona. Rented an apartment a few blocks from La Boqueria. Why don't we have a place like that on the North Fork??? I don't remember it being closed on Monday. We seemed to go there every day for the fabulous fresh fruit.

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        Coincidence! Rarefied tastes, I think! Many thanks for the info...I expect to spend quite a lot of time in that market during my week there!!

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          Some other recs: We had breakfast in a place one more block up Pintor Fortuny and to the left just across from the Farmacia called Betlem Forn, good simple home baked goods and cafe con leche.
          Also on Pintor Fortuny just past the Meridien on the left is Bar Lobo. We stopped in a few times for a mid day snack. It will remind you a bit of a Manhattan bistro.
          If you are a Jazz fan check out: Bel Luna on Rambla Cataluña, skip the food, just have a drink. Nice space and the group we heard knocked our socks off.
          If you like to play cards the Casino Barcelona is great fun.
          We did not find any Greek restaurants that would compare to Hellenic, LOL!!!!

      2. Be sure to try: L'ANTIC FORN on Pintor Fortuny just a couple of blocks off Las Rambla (near the Hotel Meridien). They were serving a local specialty called grilled Calcots (scallion type onions) that knocked out socks off. Superb veal chop!!

        1. La Boqueria is famous but it is not the only market in Barcelona. The displays are eye catching and of the bars cook some pretty good food. The Mercat Santa Caterina in Ribera and Sant Antoni on the edge of Raval are nearby and I think have better shopping. I love the Mercat Barcelonetta on Saturday mornings.

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            I agree, and also think the Mercat de la Llibertat in Gracia is well worth a look if only for its architecture.


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              We really loved Mercat Santa Caterina and shopped there several times during our stay last year. We'll have to check out Saturday at Mercat Barcelonetta this year.

            2. Hi Erica,
              I do love La Boqueria because of the amazing food displays (picture time!) and great food at the different places like Pinotxo, El Kiosko, El Quim etc.
              But some of the other posters are right, there is several different other places like Santa Caterina that are well worth going to and shopping,,,me and my friend stayed at an apartment just
              200 meters from that market and it was our first stop every morning for coffee and something sweet or a jamon sandwich,....

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                Great info, thanks everyone. We have an apartment on Ronda Universitat and I thought Boqueria was the nearest market. I did not know that Sant Antoni market was open--thought it was being renovated so thank you for that info.