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Feb 21, 2011 07:56 AM

NOVA Winery - Fall Brunch/ Afternoon Wine Tasting for Group

I'm looking for a nice NOVA winery to host a bridal shower. I've done some preliminary research and found that these wineries are close to my parents in NOVA but I can't find many reviews on them for group tastings and/or indoor seating space for a bridal shower.

Fabbioli (
)Tarara (
Dry Mill (


And I've also found: Briar Patch ( Which looks like an easier set up for a shower but a little pricey ($35/pp w/out wine tasting


Please let me know if you have any other recommendations or if anyone has tried to have a shower at a winery! Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


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  1. I would call the vineyards/wineries. How many people?

    I have been to fabbioli and didn't see seating for a "group," but I am sure they can guarantee that. I know tarara has quite a bit of land, but I didn't look for seating for a group when I was there. Tarara does host weddings, it has private spaces/rooms (?) and will put up a tent on their land.

    I recently visited Hillsborough in Purcellville( This vineyard had enough seating inside and out to host a larger group on one of their patios or inside area.

    Good luck! I am eager to hear where you end up having the shower.

    1. Naked Mountain has a pretty tasting room (one wall is all windows that overlook the trees/hills and is beautiful in the fall). They do special lasagna lunches and events with a chef so might accommodate special events like your shower.

      1. Try Sunset Hills in Purcellville. They do fantastic events and have a private seating area upstairs as well as a private dining style room downstairs. Also Bluemont Vineyards is gorgeous with private space and incredible views of Loudoun valley.

        Tarara does a nice job with events in general, but other wineries have better wine, IMO. Hidden Brook has great wine and I've been to a few public events that were nice there, but never a private one. Never been to Fabbioli or Briar Patch, so can't help you there. Good luck!