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Feb 21, 2011 07:47 AM

Vorhees area, near Ritz Theaters?

Meeting friends for a 1:45 pm matinee this Friday; can you suggest someplace nearby for a healthy late lunch/early early dinner--ie, 4ish?

I'm tryng to watch salt intake, would be best off with simple fish, Chinese not a good idea, unless the local place has Pritikin type food on the menu. What comes to mind as a possibilitiy for us? It's the time that sort of unusual--much too early for dinner, but for sure not lunchtime either.

We're from Philly; friends are coming from Vineland. All suggestions welcome.


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  1. When you leave the theater, take 40 steps to your right and enjoy Ritz Seafood. Been many times and it is very good. Have not been in about a year but I'm sure its as good as ever.
    Get the coconut pie for dessert and share. It does not get any better and has been the subject of many articles.

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      Ritz Seafood is a great suggestion. FYI, opens for dinner at 4:30.

    2. There was a duplicate to this thread, which also has an answer, here:

      1. Pasta Pomodoro is in Eagle Plaza (leaving the theater, look ahead past Friendly's and to the left - in the shopping center with Acme). They have a "heart healthy" page on their menu, and a huge gluten-free selection, so they will probably be amenable to special requests if necessary. I've only ordered off their regular menu but it was darn fine Italian food.
        (alas, they don't have their hours listed on their website...)