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Feb 21, 2011 07:47 AM

Vorhees area, near Ritz Theaters?


Meeting friends for a 1:45 pm matinee this Friday; can you suggest someplace nearby for a healthy late lunch/early early dinner--ie, 4ish?

I'm tryng to watch salt intake, would be best off with simple fish, Chinese not a good idea, unless the local place has Pritikin type food on the menu. What comes to mind as a possibilitiy for us? It's the time that sort of unusual--much too early for dinner, but for sure not lunchtime either.

We're from Philly; friends are coming from Vineland. All suggestions welcome.


  1. Are you looking for elegant or casual? If the latter, you might want to try Healthy Garden on Haddonfield-Berlin Rd - a short, direct drive to/from the Ritz Theater complex. The place is casual but has lots of vegetarian/vegan options as well as items any carnivore-loving diner would appreciate. They have smoothies, salads, tofu options, etc. And it's not at all expensive. Here is the URL:

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