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Lawry's Beverly Hills - Saturday Night Meating

No typo there. An enormous meating. One that is not protean protein by any measure. First of all it was raining. If not cats and dogs then at least hamsters and moles. La Cienega is a parking lot at the best of times and Saturday night it looked like a sea of red brake lights stretching into infinity.

But with a bit of skillful (read LA rude) right lane driving we made it 5 minutes before our 7 PM reservations. If I thought that La Cienega looked like a set for the scene in some disaster movie with the entire LA area trying to evacuate on just one street then I should have been prepared for half of LA taking refuge in the lobby of Lawry's.

Now Lawry's reminds me of one of the Vegas hotels. Huge restaurant. But they had what appeared to be the entire cast of extras from Charlton Heston as Moses leading his people across the parted Red Sea and hoping for a nice booth in the dining room.

I checked in and my wife, our son and his girlfriend found some open stools at one of the round tables in the bar area with some kind folks who let us camp with them. I was all set for a (at very least a 30 minute wait for our table to be ready). Once again my "assuming" something made me an ass without any of you needing to be a party to my braydom.

We got called for our table in no more than 10 minutes. Just time for our son to fetch drinks for his mother and his girlfriend. I held off as did he.

My second assumption was then thoroughly destroyed when they led us to a booth that COMFORTABLY fit our party. No crowding. No need to figure out where the left handed eaters needed to sit in relation to the righties. It was a big, big, big comfortable table and booth.

Finally, assumption number 3 went down for the count when, despite the ginormous room being filled to the rafters with diners we got both immediate and splendid service from our waitress. She performed in the same manner the entire meal. No disappearing. Nothing but pleasant, intelligent and spot on service the rest of the night. Not only our waitress, but the other service components, water - bread - plate removal - table cleaning. It was all first rate.

I'll freely admit that my plan to have the biggest hunk of prime rib that they sold was not a sound decision. I should have either gone for the Lawry's cut (as my son did) or the thin slice "English" cut as my wife did. But no, I had to go for the "Beef Bowl" cut.

This is the newest (it's been a loooooong time since we have been here) and largest piece of prime rib that the menu features. The same one the two Rose Bowl teams get served in the famed "Beef Bowl" that Lawry's hosts before the game.

The problem is that it is just too much of a good thing. I also (fully in the gild the lily until it bends down and gives up mode) added the "two" lobster tails (a $21 adder) to my dinner. For the price of the prime rib I chose ($49) you get the meat, mashed potatoes with gravy and the "Yorkshire Pudding." I also had a side of creamed spinach for (IIRC) $6.

Luckily for me (avoiding full cardiac arrest by some miracle) the lobster tails are not "full sized" but fairly petite. They were quite tender and flavorful (at least to me - while my wife disagreed) with a side of drawn butter and a lemon wedge.

You all will find this hard to fathom (well, some of you won't) but, on top of eating my entire dinner, I then ordered and consumed a very good chocolate and caramel bread pudding (WITH ICE CREAM ON TOP) and had some of my wife's CC Brown's Hot Fudge Sundae too boot.

This was a fun and dangerous (health wise) evening out.

The only difficult hurdle was waiting with the crowds for our car to be brought round by the poor valet guys doing their job in a driving rain storm. It probably took some 20 minutes to get our car back. But then again, the mad house continued on the way out just as it had on the way in.

Our after tax tab came to $272 and I felt it was a very fair price to value ratio. That final number also included a couple of non alcoholic drinks, two coffees and a Kamakazi up and a glass of Pinot for me and one more CC Brown Sundae for our son.

I'll go again. I just need to wait a year or so to give my arteries some time to halfway recover from the assault I committed upon them.

Lawry's The Prime Rib - Beverly Hills
100 North La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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  1. I had a few chest pains just reading.....

    1. Couple of years back, when USC was in the Rose Bowl, one of their trainers told me that several players downed 5 of those Beef Bowl cuts. One OL actually started on piece number 8, but never finished.

      1. for an added blast, take a shot everytime you hear a birthday song.

        1. Thanks for your review, Servorg. I thought I heard someone's ventricle slamming shut on Saturday night.

          1. I haven't been to Lawry's in a long time (it used to be my family's go-to celebratory restaurant), but reading this makes me want to go back. I feel like the Yorkshire Pudding dipped in the prime rib juices should have made it onto an episode of Best Thing I Ever Ate by now.

            1. Lawry's is a special occasion place for me, been there about 10-12 times. The next time I have bad service at Lawry's will be the first time!!

              Say what you want about the food at Lawrys but service is always good. The longest I've ever had to wait for a table, with reservations, was 5 minutes after the reservation time. I usually get there 10-15 mins early, and most times I've been seated before my reservation time. One time a group of six, went on a Friday night around 7:30pm, without reservations, and our wait was only 20 mins.

              The servers are always nice and friendly.

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              1. re: reality check

                I have experienced waiting about 30 minutes past my reservation time once, but the hosts were extremely apologetic and won back our favor with free desserts for the table.

                1. re: andytseng

                  A big part of the reason that Lawry's is able to run so efficiently has to do with the fact that the food is basically cooked and ready to serve for the most part. Also, as my waitress explained, her 4 years of service is on the "younger" side of the ledger by comparison to most of the other women. So, a lot of highly experienced help and food that comes out quick gives them a definite advantage over most other places. But even with all that they still do an exceptional job. I just want to emphasize, in case there was any doubt. I had a great evening. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to doing the same thing again next year.

              2. Wht a wonderful and pleasing report on a restaurant that is part of Los Angeles history. I hve never had a bad meal there and it sounds like yours was stupendouos.. More restaurants need reviews like Lawry's got from you. Always enjoy reading your reports, keep them coming.

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                1. re: Hughlipton

                  ^ Everything Hugh said (minus the typos) -- LOL!

                  Fantastic & entertainingly written review, Servorg. Brilliant.

                  1. re: Maxmillion

                    Aint no damn spell check on this thing.

                2. I'd really like to know the weight of the Beef Bowl cut, according to their menu it is only $3 more than for the Diamond Jim Brady cut, wondering what the difference is. And next time, please bring your ruler in addition to the scale, how thick was that bad boy?

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                  1. re: ChinoWayne

                    I can just see me whipping out the old tape measure at the table there. The next thing I would be seeing was stars after my loving wife clocked me with the pepper grinder... ;-D>

                    I admit being remiss in not asking our waitress about the difference between the two (Diamond Jim and the Beef Bowl). I would say it was 2 inches thick? I just know I sat for a moment and simply marveled at what looked to be most of an entire side of beef, plopped on my plate and glistening with the recent coating of au jus in all its pink glory...Food Porn - it's not just for photos anymore.

                    1. re: Servorg

                      According to the menu description it's a double cut served with the rib. So must be twice as thick as the regular cut. No weights given.

                      1. re: monku

                        There you did it, monku. You had to post that link with the photo of that magnificent hunk of beef, torture, I tell you, torture...

                        1. re: monku

                          I have read elsewhere that it is a 25oz cut, but can't confirm that that is correct.

                          1. re: wienermobile

                            I don't think they like to publish weights for fear someone might whip out a scale?

                            A little Beef Bowl history from the LA Times

                            I remember a place called Tracton's that served a hunk of prime rib that would embarass that Beef Bowl Cut.

                            1. re: monku

                              Tracton's moved to Del Mar right across from the race track / fair grounds.

                              1. re: JAB

                                I'll try and remember. But can't be like the Tracton's prime rib of old on Rodeo.

                                1. re: monku

                                  My understanding is that it's the same. I never did the LA version but, the Del Mar version was very good. Next time, I'm going to mind the waitress when she tells me that the horseradish sauce is strong.

                                  1. re: JAB

                                    On your rec a summer trip to Del Mar for racing and prime rib may in order.

                    2. Best creamed corn ever!!!

                      1. Dude. Serv. Seriously. I had a Jim Brady cut my first time there and while I took down the whole prime rib, I couldn't even make a dent in the sides. Now I don't even mess with anything beyond a Lawry's cut.

                        You are a machine.

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                        1. re: daftpunkxl

                          lol...Even I was impressed with myself...I reached back to when I was much younger and could really eat when I wanted to. Not so much anymore. But I expected to go home and feel absolutely bloated. Yet, for some reason I didn't. Maybe the birthday God's were looking out for me? I'm not telling my Doc anytime soon unless I want to battle "involuntary commitment" proceedings in court.

                        2. Based on the recommendations here we made a reservation for tonight! Thank you.

                          Lawry's The Prime Rib - Beverly Hills
                          100 North La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211