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Feb 21, 2011 06:34 AM

Help in Haldimand

I moved to the Haldimand (Selkirk) area two years ago. So far I've found a few decent places...... Floyd's in Nanticoke has good home cooked sort of stuff, The Argyle street Grill that opened recently in Caledonia was OK too.

But on the whole I have had some very gross meals around here...our local cafe cooks the pink out of salmon and can't even scramble eggs. Had an alfredo sauce in Hagersville that resembled wallpaper paste but wallpaper paste likely has more flavour. I cook for a living but don't think I'm insanely picky....but I don't appreciate paying for substandard crap either. Anyone know of any hidden gems in Haldimand? I've heard of one called Twisted Lemon in Cayuga but haven't tried it yet....suggestions are welcome, thanks!

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  1. Twisted Lemon was featured on the Food Network's show called Opening Soon last year. I read decent reviews on it somewhere else. Might be worth a try since you're nearby.

    1. Have to say it's pretty slim pickins around this area. Im from Port Dover/Turkey Point area and haven't found much to brag about either. If you havn't tried Belworth House in Waterford, it's amazing, but bit of a drive from your area. Have a reservation at Twisted Lemon for next week and have heard good things. i'll let ya know!. Sad because there is soo much amazing meats and produce from this area, especially in the summer. Good luck in your search. We mostly have to enjoy great food at home. cheers

      Belworth House
      90 St James S, Waterford, ON N0E1Y0, CA

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        That is my next experiment Pakmode, thanks....Norfolk guy I will see how your visit goes since you'll be there before me, hope it is an enjoyable one ;-)

        If I'm in the Waterford area I will check that Belworth House out, thanks! If I find anything noteworthy in the meantime I'll post it here. Agree with the slim pickings, and also the fact that it shouldn't be like this in this area, we're not short of resources or fresh food sources....just places that know what to do with it!

        It does seem home is the best place to eat in Haldimand so far-but I want a break from cooking sometimes, even if I do love it. Have been thinking of opening my own restaurant with a friend, every time I go out to eat it makes me want to do it more LOL!

        Belworth House
        90 St James S, Waterford, ON N0E1Y0, CA