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Feb 21, 2011 06:29 AM

Fletcher's BBQ - takeout and delivery, and small counter

We went to Fletcher's BBQ last night; somehow having missed that it wasn't set up for eat-in, we took over the small barstool style counter. Just be aware. The place is at 1409 Easton Rd, past Willow Grove Park, next to a well-lit beer purveyor. Their own sign though large is easily missed.
I believe that Fletcher's should not advertise its meats as smoked. We had St Louis ribs, baby back ribs, and a 'smoked' turkey leg. There was no smoke taste to anything. There was no smoke ring, though there was a slight pink color under the bark on a few pieces. My fingers did not smell of smoke. The place did not smell of smoke or cooking. The turkey leg was completely roasted, and possibly reroasted, since it didn't arrive for 20 minutes after the ribs did, which themselves took 20 minutes. There was little taste to the rub, though at least it was not salty. There was little taste to the 'spicy' sauce, though at least it wasn't sticky red sauce. That said, the meat was high quality, and there was lots of it, on both the St Louis and baby back ribs. A full rack of baby back was 22.50 including 2 small sides, or, a Sunday special, 25.00 including 2 larger sides and 2 cans of soda. There were 12 ribs, and they were tender, and heavy. Same with the half rack of St Louis, 'just meat' at 9.00. 4 or 5 ribs, whose rub was a tad tastier. The bones did, in fact, as another reviewer mentioned, prove to be totally unattached to the meat, once you dug in. They swore they didn't par-boil the ribs, but they did say they dry-roasted them, (an odd term to use) in a smoker for far too long, in my opinion, to result in actual smoke taste or smell being retained. The picture of the smoker's interior in their brochure also appeared a bit oven-like.
I only emphasize all this smoke stuff because of their own claims. The ribs were decent if you don't care about smoke, and I would happily have taken some home and used my own sauce on them.
They had a nice bark, and most if not all of the membrane was gone. They have a Carolina mustard-based sauce too, which we did not try, and a Sweet and Tangy which we intended to try but didn't get a little tub of. The baked beans were runny, but ok and the cole slaw tended towards the carroty & red bell pepper variety. These were very visible.
I spoke to the owner about it. He said that they use only hickory, not a hickory oak blend as many places do, because so many of his customers, mainly women, do not want much of a smoke taste. They said they smoke meat every day. The smoker is in that facility. As I said, the place itself had no odor of smoke or even of cooking at all.

We were, it should be obvious, very disappointed. But that's not to say that everybody would be. The amount of meat on the ribs was itself a cause for relief, surprise, and joy. I am really tired of shaved tops.

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  1. you need to head to Lansdale on fridays and saturdays. We have two excellent bbq places here. LOVE your user name. :) If it originates where I think it does, I got that joke email game about ten years ago with santa's helpers on strike and I can still here the picketing elves chanting in my head. Of course if that is not the inspiration, then I really sound like a loon on chowhound, which is nothing new.

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      We're really interested in Lansdale. Since we live in NJ, maybe someone would get more specific. And yes, the name is Elf Bowl. Fewer Toys, Higher Wages!

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        Awesome! I play a collectible card game and I have an elf deck. When the elves are winning I always chant elf elf baby! That Elf Bowl sure has staying power. Smoke Daddy's is only open from 6-8 on fridays and saturdays and besides all the other awesomeness he has been doing a weekly special as well. You can call for directions and to place an order. All the info should be on this thread :

    2. We were recently disappointed in Fletchers' too. In addition to what elf.elf. baby said, the portions were very small and the prices were too high. I found the food greasy and bland.

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        At least we have other good BBQ options in the area too like Fat Franks, Smoke Daddy's, Roseys.

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          Where are these other places you're talking about? We moved here 4 years ago after living in Texas for almost 20 years, and have SO missed real barbecue!

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            Oh my princessS! You have got to get to Lansdale. I have lived in Raleigh NC and Gainesville FL before I moved to the bbq wasteland that is the Philly area. Smoke Daddy's has limited hours but every time I go there I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. I PROMISE you it's worth the effort to find the place, and I don't make promises lightly. He is set up at the back of the Eagles club and this time of year you have to call first. The number is 267 625 3190 and he is only open from six til eight pm on fridays and saturdays. The Eagles club is private so if you aren't a member you can only get take out.
            I usually get the brisket but my friend likes a half of smoked chicken or St. Louis ribs. I think he only takes cash,
            Daddy has been dabbling in other dishes as well. I get his weekly email and most every week he has a special available that weekend only. I know you asked about barbecue but I can't resist giving him a shout out for this week's offering, Fried Shrimp Po' Boys. Got one last night and it was so very good. Even better than I anticipated. I'm not going to be able to resist going back tonight for another. He may never offer them again! Here is the link for Daddy's and also Uncle Greg's is discussed there. Uncle has longer hours and fulfills my bbq cravings when Daddy is closed.
            Only half an hour til I can order my fully dressed Daddy-style Po' Boy.

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              I can't speak to the suburban options carbs is giving you, they sound great, but if you want Texas-style brisket you need to check out Percy Street BBQ downtown. I have only visited Texas but the brisket at Percy St is the real deal. It's a little kitschy but the food is good. I'd be curious to hear your opinion if you go.

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                Thanks, guys! You just made my husband very happy!

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                  Also try Fat Frank's BBQ. He is now setting up shop at Jerzee's sports bar in Roslyn. He also has limited hours, typically 12-5 on Saturday and Sunday.

        2. I posted the "watch out Lansdale" entry last year. I officially renege my comments. I'm a Smoke Daddy's convert. No comparison. I'm actually sorry I posted without doing my homework first. Also tried Uncle Greg's, which was good. Still prefer Smoke Daddy's. In the name of full disclosure, I haven't tried Oink Johnson.

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            One more try of Smoke Daddies may assure me that my first two visits were "off days" or that my taste for good BBQ has failed me. With giveme having lived in NC i value her comments and look forward to any comments by princessS, they sure do know their BBQ in Texas.