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Feb 21, 2011 06:19 AM

Best Butchers/Fish Mongers in the Dayton, Ohio Area

Hi all
Just recently moved to the southern part of Dayton (Beavercreek) from Metro Detroit and I'm looking for suggestions on a butcher shop and fish monger located in the metro Dayton area. I did some research and Dorthy Lane Markets seem to be the overwhelming favorite. I would really like to find a "butcher shop" instead of a supermarket.

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  1. Good luck on the "butcher shop;" haven't found one yet in 21 years. I still go to Stehlin's Meat Market 10134 Colerain Ave Cincinnati OH 45251 for the real thing. However, the Oakwood DLM has "butchers" and not just sales folk--not bad in a pinch. For fish, even worse. Best I've found is Foremost Seafood--off Dorthy Lane and Woodman. My son has lived in Atlanta for two years now and loves the foodie places he's found around Decatur.

    Stehlin's Meat Market
    10134 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45251

    1. Have you been to DLM yet? There are 3, one in Oakwood on Far Hills, just north of Dorothy Lane, one further south on SR 48, in the Washington Square shopping center, and one on SR
      741 south of the Dayton Mall. In my opinion, they have the best meat and fish in town. I like the Washington Square store best for fish as the fish counter seems a little larger. Dot's Market in Dayton on Patterson Rd (at the junction of Watervliet) also has a decent meat counter, with real butchers, and is often less expensive than DLM, but really, I think DLM has the best quality.

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        I will give DLM a try as I've only been there once and it was just to grab a few quick items. I did run across Dot's market as well so I will try them out.

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          Note that the Dot's Market in Bellbrook doesn't have a butcher counter; only the Dayton store (in a neighborhood known as Belmont) has the counter. It's in the back; you walk back and all the way to the left to get a number, then wait till they call your number. It can be quite crowded on weekends.

          As for the Dots versus DLM thing, I've actually done blind taste tests between the two with various cuts of meat (comparing apples to apples, of course), and DLM always wins. If it was just once or twice, I'd think it might be random variance in the animals, but unfortunately (since DLM is significantly more expensive than Dots), it's very consistent - DLM always wins.

          Let us know how it goes!

      2. Go the the second street market in downtown Dayton on Saturday morning. It is the closet thing I know of to a farmers market around. They have some locally raised meats there and the farmers will actually work with you to get the freshest meat possible and even the cuts you desire when butchering. I usually get my lamb this way.

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          Good advice. The Yellow Springs farmer's market also has farmers with meat for sale; it's where I buy lard.

        2. For fish/seafood it's Foremost - hands down. I actually prefer Dot's for meat. I think it may depend upon how you like your meat, beef in particular. Do you prefer lean? If so, go to DLM. If you like it to be marbled (as I do because, unfortunately, fat tastes good), go to Dot's. DLM touts no additives, etc. Dot's does, too, but w/out the big marketing budget and yuppie accouterments. Prices are significantly less. Problem is that if you're shopping for other even quasi-exotic ingredients you're going to more than one store, as Dot's is pretty basic on the grocery front. But, it's nice to support the little guy. I've also found the pork from the butcher's case at what I call "Yuppie Kroger" to be good. Located on Stroop across from the Town and Country mall.

          1. The meat locker is a good one in trot wood that's a genuine butcher estridge market on Hoover is another yes there's still markets and they're lesser t