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Feb 21, 2011 05:33 AM

Norman Love's new ventures in Naples

for a lark i took my spouse to Love's little show and tell at the Phil. aside from the bit of background we learned, a first hand look at a cocao bean and having a top chef guide you thru 5 pieces of his brilliant chocolate, we learned that the new Naples store is to open at end of March. and its not just chocolate but gelato and coffee and maybe some pastries.
but what he really has his eyes on is a dessert place (sort of what the Europeans have) where you can go after dinner , from a rest or your home, and sit and eat great cake and coffee and just hang out.
i have to say i was very impressed by his spiel--he had just the right amount of modesty and confidence scaffolded by his integrity. he came off approachable and yet we know he dabbles in the worlds of "Top Chefs" and Gordan Ramsey types (maybe Gordan himself).
so for those who need artisan chocolate and looking forward to a "world class" and a "desserteria"--Naples is on the map.

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  1. Zeits, he has a chocolate "salon" here in Fort Myers with delicious coffee, croissants, exquisite pastries as well as the chocolates. It's been open for several years and the chocolate "factory" is behind. The desserts are exquisite and delicious. The pain au chocolate is wonderful. He makes a pistachio torrone that is excellent. I just wish the Salon was closer, but it is located out near the airport as they ship from there several times a day. LMF

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      i forgot to add that he has the contract for the concession for the new Redsox stadium. the visitors to spring training will be eating better than people in Boston...