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Feb 21, 2011 04:08 AM

Pizza Coupons for Dayton, Ohio

Hey, everybody. I just finished scanning and uploading a bunch of pizza coupons that I got in the mail recently. Domino's has a "buy 1 get 1" large single topping pizza coupon that gives you 2 pizzas for $5.50 each. I also discovered a link to an online offer for a Large 2 topping for $5.99 (pickup only) Large Pepperoni at Cassano's $7.99 with coupon. Also have Papa John's, Donato's and Marion's coupons posted here:

I'm attaching a scan of one of the domino's coupons

Also, a couple of days ago I read a news article about a woman breastfeeding her infant at a Dayton area mall. She was confronted by security, and asked to move to a restroom. She refused, and the whole incident seems to have caused a lot of discussion. Every few weeks I tend to post a dining related poll at the top of my blog. I realized that we all start out "dining" this way, so this time I made the quiz about breastfeeding, and whether it is acceptable in public. If you have any thoughts on this topic, please visit and take the poll. Thanks!

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  1. Tell me about Cassano's pizza. What is it like. I live in Cincy and have been thinking of coming up for a pizza. Is it similar to Marion's, which I really enjoyed after picking some people up from the Dayton Airport?

    Breastfeeding is good for babies. It should be allowed in all public places. Personally, I see women being discreet, so get over it folks.


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      The crust is similar at both Marions and Cassanos - both very thin and crisp, and cut into squares. It's been a while since I've eaten at Cassanos; most of them are carry-out/delivery places while Marions is more of a restaurant.

      1. re: Uncle Luigi

        If you're gonna head up that far keep on going to Piqua. Beppo Uno is fantastic. They used to be a Cassano's but broke away to do their own thing.

        Unfortunately they don't have a website. I attached a picture of their pizza.


        1. re: Uncle Luigi

          Cassano's and Marion's have similar crusts but that's about it. They taste different and the toppings are treated differently. Order a Cassano's Deluxe pizza from the Clayton store and order it with pepperoni ON TOP, WELL DONE. I have them trained at that store and it's the best Cassano's pizza you will ever have.

          1. re: Uncle Luigi

            The best version of a Cassano's or Marion's style pizza is found at Ron's Tavern in Miamisburg. (Which started as a Cassano's franchisee.)

            Marion's - you have to ask them for the "old oven" in order to get a nice crust, otherwise the crust is like any other chain pizza.

            Cassano's - actually pretty good these days, but the restaurants aren't well designed for eat-in.