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Feb 21, 2011 12:34 AM

Delicious, varied seafood cuisine in a beautiful setting.

I ate lunch at La Scogliera restaurant in Siculiana Marina, just west of Agrigento.

The owner speaks German very well and a little English. He offered me a menu, but emphasized what he had bought fresh that morning. He is full on Sundays for lunch even in the off-season; during the week not so full. Call ahead.

Téléphone: 0922817532

I had a plate of sea food for a starter: cooked black mussels, a shrimp salad with Louie sauce (mayonaise and tomato), a mixed seafood salad (shrimp, squid, octupus with a vinagrette), and anchovies.

This was followed by grilled swordfish. (2 larges slices), served with a mixed (rocket and tomato) salad.

I had an excellent bottle of local white wine. I chose cheese for my finishing course, although I was offered home made cannoli with pistachios (I have diabetes. Rats!). I finished off with coffee and Averna digestive.

The best part: this feast for one was 55, 000 Euros.

You really feel like you are in someone's home. When the weather is good, a dining room with glass on 4 sides is open, with a wonderful view of the ocean.

Happy Eating!

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  1. It was 55 Euros... I must have had a convulsion.

    1. great reports! you really make me want to visit this area!

      La Scogliera
      Siculiana Marina,via San Pietro 54, Siculiana, Sicilia 92010, IT