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Feb 20, 2011 10:23 PM

Staub in teal @ Anthropologie

Anyone else buy the teal Staub? My order arrived, and I think the color is great.

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  1. Oooo...pretty!!! Isn't that the LC dinnerware under it? Guess they saw how popular the LC Caribbean was. I love the way Staub does their glazes.

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    1. re: blondelle

      It *is* beautiful. I thought the plate was Fiestaware, but I guess it could be LC.

      1. re: blondelle

        The plate is a modern Fiesta Ware salad plate in turquoise.

        Staub glazes have so much depth and gloss. In comparison, LC and even Staub's Fontignac both seem rather flat.

        BTW, Anthropologie also sells Staub in a color called wine.

        1. re: KansasKate

          I agree. I have both LC and Staub (and am very satisfied with the performance of both), but the colors/finishes on the Staubs seem so much richer.

      2. Is that the mini cocotte? I'm planning on grabbing one when I get my paycheck for March. It's such a gorgeous color!

        1. Thanks for heads up on the turquoise Staub at Anthropologie! I finally caved and bought the 4 qt round. I had a hard time deciding between it and the 4 1/2 qt oval. I have the 5 1/2 qt oval in the wine, so I decided on the round because of that! I absolutely love the turquoise and I feel I paid the extra money for the exclusive color through Anthropologie. But, just had to have it!

          Can't wait to see the color in person!

          1. Anyone know how this compares to LC Caribbean? Is it more green?

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            1. re: olympia

              i think it is more green. it's more peacock. i really like the le creuset caribbean but staub is even prettier, color wise. their glaze is shinier so all the colors seem to have more depth.

              1. re: olympia

                If the sun ever comes out again, I'll try to remember to get a picture in natural light.

                1. re: KansasKate

                  Thanks so much, I appreciate it! I think I've realized that I'm going nuts and that I don't need a teal pot - even if I would love one! I'm trying to build up a complete collection of basics and barely have room for what I need. It's been a sad dose of reality! I'm going to live vicariously through you! I'd love daylight pics if/when you can - thank you!!

                  1. re: olympia

                    Oh, well, it's not as though I really "needed" a piece in teal. I'm slowly building a set in sapphire/marin, which is why I didn't buy a larger (and more expensive) piece in teal. Since my everyday "it's-just-the-two-us" dishes are Fiesta turquoise, I knew the teal mini cocotte would not go unused, and it doesn't take up much room... which of course was my rationalization for buying two. :-)

                    1. re: KansasKate

                      It's really lovely! I'd love a piece and I have Fiesta turquoise too :) I was considering the 4 qt round but I don't think it's the right time - I've been acquiring too many other pots and pans recently. Love the pics - thanks so much!

              2. I haven't received mine yet, but I do like the LC Carribean also, but the Staub looked more turquoise to me than LC.

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                1. re: olliesmom

                  Got mine and the color is much more richer in person. I wish it was a little lighter but the color is beautiful!

                  1. re: olliesmom

                    If you happen to be able to post a picture that would be amazing! Hope you enjoy the pot!