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Feb 20, 2011 08:24 PM

Where to buy fresh squid

I'm looking for real squid, not cuttlefish. I'd love for them to be whole and with the ink sac.

I've been to several supermarkets in Koreatown and in Little Tokyo. Usually, they are not the kind of squid I'm used to. Sometimes they are labeled as Korean squid and they are larger than what I've used before. They also taste differently.

I'm by the Staples center, so something on the eastside would be great. But if I'm on the other side of town, I'd be good to know where to make a pit stop!

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  1. Give Fish King in Glendale a call.

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    1. re: perk

      Thanks! I forgot about Fish King! It's been a long time so I can't remember what they carry.

      1. re: graffitipassion

        This is annoying that its that difficult to find fresh squid in a store in SoCal given the fact that squid is such a major catch here in California.

        But, all the squid ends up getting frozen and shipped off to China to get processed and gets sent back here, where they originally came from.

    2. go to the huntington pier, or wherever theyre catchin all that squid!

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        I believe lapizzamaven is referring to the recent Humboldt squid infestation off (and on) the Southland coast:

        1. re: Peripatetic

          Them Humboldt squid are indeed feisty, but not really good eatin'.

          1. re: J.L.

            Yeah, I sort of expect it to have the consistency of neoprene.

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          They are catching monster squid up in Ventura as well. Try calling Andreas Seafood.


          1. re: SIMIHOUND

            If your at a pier, don't you still need some type of bright light to catch the squid?

            1. re: hobbess

              Catch them Humboldt squid for the sport and fascination, but not for the dinner plate. They taste too tough.

              1. re: J.L.

                There are some recipes that are specifically tailored to Humboldt squid, e.g.:


                I'd be curious to know whether anyone's had any luck with them. I'd be surprised if nothing chow-worthy could be done with them. After all, remarkable things can be done with inferior cuts of beef.

        3. 99 Ranch Market

          99 Ranch
          17713 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA

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            Or better yet, Hawai'i Supermarket.

          2. It's really too bad that in English, squid is just squid, when in fact there are many different species of squid and different ways to prepare them. You might have better luck at the Japanese markets where squid isn't just squid, but they are named by the variety. Yari ika and aori ika are probably the most popular varieties (based on availability).

            This blog can give you an idea of the different varieties of squid.

            1. Was just at Market World (Hannam) in Torrance today and squid was running at $1.99 a pound. Did not look frozen and the bodies were solid white and shiny instead of dark in color. These were less than a foot long and the meat was very firm.