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Knife Sharpening - SGV/LB/LA/OC

I am looking for a place to sharpen my knives. I don't want to do them myself. I wanted to take it to sur la table but i heard i shouldn't. Any other suggestions?

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  1. Sur La Table is OK but they're just going to run them through an electric grinder with fixed angles. The best place IMO to take knives if you're not comfortable sharpening them yourself is Ross Cutlery. They're downtown in the historic Bradbury Bldg on Broadway. SLT will cost you a dollar an inch, Ross will cost you more, but they're worth it.

    1. At the Torrance Farmer's Market on Saturdays is a guy that'll sharpen your knives.

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      1. Haven't tried it myself, but heard mostly good things about this place:


        1. This guy -- John Powers -- is superb. He hand sharpens your best cook's knives by hand (on a wheel) at a highly reasonable rates, e.g. about $6 for a 8"+ blade.

          Scissors, pinking shears, garden tools, knives etc etc

          He even sharpened my Japanese eyebrow tweezers and they actually work again. yay!

          Sundays you can find him at the Studio City Farmer's Market (Laurel Place) until noon.

          John Powers
          (818) 606 7459

          He also does pick up & delivery. You can drop off at his place in Studio City.

          He's really thorough, so it can take a bit of time if you just do it at the markets.

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            Powers is only at the Studio City FM, every other Sun.

            This Sun, Feb 27th, he will be there. Then March 13th, will be the next time he's there.

            He does a great job.

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              I couldn't agree more with your assessment of John's service. After reading about him on this thread last week, we went to the Studio City Farmer's Market yesterday. My knives are like new (and they had never been professionally sharpened) AND we had one of the best croissants ever. Within thirty minutes of dropping the knives off, they were beautifully sharpened, for a very reasonable price and he was even able to re-tip a knife that has been pretty useless for about a year. He's a tremendous find for us!!

            2. take them to anzen hardware in little tokyo. especially if you have Japanese knives.

              1. I want to second the rec for Ross Cutlery. We've been bringing our good knives to them for years, I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. Besides, you can combine your trip with lunch at Grand Central Market across the street, and a look at the Bradbury Building.

                Grand Central Market
                317 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013

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                  They will definitely get your knives sharp, but they use a belt grinder, and the style of edge they put on your knife is slightly different from what some people prefer.

                  One alternative to Anzen (which was the place mentioned in the link I posted above) is mail order. I don't know if that's overkill for you, but places like D&R Sharpening (http://www.drsharpening.com/) have a great reputation. The downside, of course, is that you have to mail them out, and then wait for them to come back.

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                    I've been using Ross Cutlery for years to sharpen my Henkels. I don't know what tools they use, but they leave my knives with a fantastic edge that stays very sharp with normal steeling.

                  2. The Pasadena Farmer's Market (on Saturday mornings) just posted a note on Facebook asking if anyone would be interested in adding knife sharpening to the market. The idea being you would have your knives sharpened while you shop. They didn't provide any details on who or how - but if folks are interested you may want to chime in on their post