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India Samraat- any reviews

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-This restaurant's gift certificates are being sold on Skyauction.com for low amounts. Any experiences, positive or negative??


India Samraat Restaurant
51A Massachusetts Ave, Boston, MA 02115

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  1. I love it. We are going with friends this week. It's family run and they really care about the quality and their regular customers.


    1. I used to order in from there while in med school. Very solid Indian.

      1. haven't been in years but remember it being decent north indian

        1. What galangatron said. When I lived nearby, I did regular takeout business from them; I liked supporting a family-run business in the neighborhood.


          1. Had pretty good Indian take out from them via foodler for lunch a few times. Maybe nothing earth-shattering but tasty.

            1. I recently dined with friends using one of restaurant.com's bargain deals. I would agree with other posters to say the food was solid though not exceptional. Certainly worth the deal!

              We did have one app that was cold (previously frozen) through the center. Everything else was tasty.

              1. I work in the area and go there every few weeks for lunch. Like globalgourmand said, it's solid. The owners are a very nice family. I almost always get a thali lunch special. Shrimp Bhuna and Chicken Saag are especially good with Kulcha.