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Feb 20, 2011 06:26 PM

Resonablely priced food in London

This is our first visit to London. Will be staying near the Palace the first week in May. Would like to know if there are any places to eat near by that aren't expensive. For example, good fish and chips or any ethnic cuisine would be great. Casual spots would be best for around 10 £.

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  1. Not that it will be the best food of your life, but you'll find that a lot of the chain pubs advertise 2-for-1 specials on their meals during the day and are perfectly serviceable. You can note the chains because although the pub will have a unique name, the menu will be identical to 25 other pubs nearby.

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      'but you'll find that a lot of the chain pubs advertise 2-for-1 specials on their meals during the day and are perfectly serviceable.'. Please, surely we can offer the OP better options than this - it's what gives British food a bad name!
      Look for the threads on Chinatown (Golden Day etc) for some suggestions on Chinese food (you are pretty much right about ethnic food being the cheaper option). Even though you are staying near Buck Palace, it's very easy to get around on the tube, so head out to Whitechapel for Needoo - there are plenty of other threads on cheap food so check them out. And please don't settle for mediocre chain pub food!

    2. If you mean buckingham palace then I would head for a walk across St James Park - over Westminster Bridge - down to lower marsh - all the way to end to Waterloo Road and go to Masters Supa Fry for an authentic Fish and Chips experience - you can even try a pickled egg if you are brave - I stick to their homemade Gherkins.

      1. Some of my favourite cheap eats in Central London are Taro (Japanese) Old Compton St, Bibimbap (korean) around the corner in Little Greek St, Maison Bertaux at the other end of Greek St - it's a patisserie, but I totally count a coffee and a piece of cheesecake as big as my head a well-balanced meal.

        While you're in an area with some of the most expensive eateries in London, there are plenty of cheap, quirky and tasty places. Lunch is considerably cheaper than dinner as well. I too would say try to avoid a 2-4-1 at Wetherspoons, unless you have children that are cold, hungry and whining and will only be placated by the immediate provision of chips. Sometimes in the West End that's me too.

        1. How far are you willing to travel? There's some good places for that range in Chinatown, but Golden Day isn't one of them. Golden Day is properly expensive. If you're around the British Museum you could eat at the Korean store on Store St or Italia Uno on Charlotte. The former is cheap and the latter is well priced for what you get (though paying anything over a pound for an espresso really does my head in.)

          Fish and chips is a fortune in London compared to up north, but I think Master Superfish is still do-able on that budget. I second the Needoo idea and if you'd like to head further east then I can give you a fantastic list of extremely cheap South Asian restaurants. Also, you'll be a very easy shot to Brixton which is filled with countless places that fit that range. African, Caribbean, Colombia, Portuguese at Sintra in Stockwell and all of the market restaurants now. Even Franco Manca is well within that range. If you're near Buckingham Palace then you're right by the Victoria Line so Brixton is probably your best bet. Similarly this places you right on the District Line for Whitechapel and possibly Green St or East Ham.

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            The Korean on Store St. is long gone. The shops on that street have all been undergoing refurbishment. One of the newer shops is yet another espresso place called ... Store St. Espresso.

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              There is a Korean restaurant called Naru just off New Oxford street which does £6 lunch specials, and the bibimbap is fab.

              I love a restaurant called Cafe TPT in Chinatown which does the best beef brisket curry on rice in London, and it is £5.50 for a big portion. It could be split with an order of veggies (their gailan w/garlic is perfect) for a very cheap lunch.

            2. re: JFores

              Thanks for all your great suggestions. We're going to treat ourselves to a couple of lunches in fine dining spots and then balance out with lower priced meals in other places. We'll be doing the touristy visits to museums and such so ideas around those areas are good too.

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                The place Naru I recommended is near the British Museum. There is a place called Bibimbap Cafe right near the museum but I would avoid it as it is not nearly as good as naru.