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Feb 20, 2011 06:14 PM

The best pizza ever Forno52

Really spectacular fresh top notch ingredients at Forno52. I have had the artichoke pizza and I am totally addicted. The eggplant is fab as well. Three salad offerings only but they are outstanding. Wood burning oven, minimal decor anxious to please staff. For now it's BYOB. Sorely needed at this end of town but worth the drive.

17225 S Dixie HWY
Palmetto Bay


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  1. They had a pizza cart/truck with a wood-burning oven at a Fairchild Tropical Garden event once and I was pretty impressed.

    1. Ate there today, very, very good. Very well could be the best in the area.

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      1. Amazing place. The pizza is top notch for sure. The owner was so friendly and proud of her food that she offered us a free piece of her Tiramisu, but they had unfortunately run out. She offered a rain check on the Tiramisu and I have every intention of taking her up on the offer.