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Feb 20, 2011 05:10 PM

playa del carmen meat and markets?

Hi all,

I will be in playa for a week soon, renting a villa with kitchen. I have been all over these forums for restaurant and cart recs (thanks!), but I am curious about recommendations for food shopping?

Which supermarket would be best? But mostly, are there particular markets, fishmongers, or butchers worth visiting. Even specific ingredients that might better here than elsewhere? We have several accomplished cooks along.

We will be staying in Playacar if that makes a difference.

Cheers and many thanks.

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  1. Chedraui is the supermarket closest to Playacar, and it is as good or better than the others (Soriana, Mega, Sam's, WalMart, San Francisco). You will be disappointed by the meat selections in all of them, and there really isn't a dedicated butcher in town. The best fish market is Oceana, on 16th st. N of 30 th Ave. Chedraui can have surprisingly good fish day to day, be on the lookout for boquinette and huachinango and mero. Shrimp are not local; they are from the Campeche area but are good. They are always sold head-on, so factor that into your pricing valuation.
    Check out Supercarne on S. 1st Ave between 25-30 th streets for grilled arrachera steak to take out, by the kilo, along with grilled onions and potatoes. It's very near Playacar Phase 1.
    You will pass a little resto called Veracruz on your way in and out of town, on 10th Ave. S of Juarez, with a bright orange storefront, that has the best ceviche in the area, and it comes with a complimentary cup of killer shrimp soup -worth a visit.
    You will want to check out Dac's, the greengrocer +, on 30th Ave. 2 blocks north of Constituentes. Work that in with a lunch in that area so you are not grocery shopping all day! Buen provecho.

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      Gracias Veggo, I have already printed out a few of your rest. recs., with these thrown in I am pretty sure we will eat very well.

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        I second the advice for Dac's.
        Here is a great article by Rick Bayless on shopping in PDC. I found it was right on the money