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Feb 20, 2011 04:30 PM

Please comment on these Naples restaurants

I am heading back to Naples next week and have been checking forums etc. for something new. My friends and I have some favorites, but are always on the lookout.

Does anyone have anything to say about Daniela's Restaurant? The menu looks interesting - a real trip into Mitteleuropa - but is the food good?

We have plenty of Italian here in NJ but the Caffe D'Amore gets a lot of good press in the on-line world. Is it merited?


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  1. are u talking Naples, FL? the 2 you've mentioned are not known for anything special. most would rec: Campiello's; Sea Salt, Angelinos; Naples Tomato for Italian and/or continental.

    Sophia's is relatively new and has good word of mouth.

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      Thanks, yes, Naples FL. We've eaten at Campiello and enjoyed it. We actually prefer non-Italian, since there is so much of that here in NJ.

    2. have u tried gator yet?
      that would be something NJ doesnt have i would think...

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      1. re: srsone

        Yes we sampled gator last year in Everglades City.

      2. Inca Kitchen is different, serving great Peruvian food. Probably not much of that on the Jersey Shores.