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Feb 20, 2011 03:44 PM

Best Local C.S.A.?

I am thinking about getting involved with a a C.S.A. around Honolulu. I've done some research and have found several different farms, most claiming to be organic. They are:

Ma'O Organic Farms
Meleana's Farm
Just Add Water
Ailani Garden's
Kahumana Organic Farm & Cafe

So which one is best? I know Ma'O is most expensive at $32 where as the rest are around $20-$25. Is it worth the extra amount? I am not worried about a drive to pick up the produce, I just want a good selection and diversity. My husband is a huge fruit guy so I am thinking about also selecting one of the fruit only options from Just Add Water in addition to the vegetables. Anyone had any experiences with these C.S.A.s?

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  1. The MA'O program overall is simply amazing for it's focus on education and giving back to the community as well. You probably know that they sponsor scholarships for their interns to LCC and they go on to graduate and have returned to farming which is what our state needs. Their
    vegetables/some produce is amazing and keeps well throughout the week. Their pick up site at V Lounge is pretty convenient for town dwellers. I'd go with them. Check out their website and see what your money will be supporting.