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Feb 20, 2011 03:44 PM

reservation time / last seating

This may be a silly question but I am curious about typical reservation times in Paris. I'm visiting for two weeks and am new to Parisian restaurant etiquette.

I made a reservation at a restaurant the other day for this coming Wednesday - was walking by the place and stopped in. When I asked to make the reservation, the host suggested 7:30; I wanted 9:30 which he noted without concern. Reading a review of the place now, I see it closes at 10pm. My assumption was 10pm is when the kitchen closes. Normally, I'd think this would be fine timing (perhaps slightly on the late side but still...) Given the host didn't take issue with the timing I'm assuming this is not an issue but now doubting myself, I wanted to double check I'm not going to an annoyance to the kitchen and rushed. Thoughts? Is 9:30 too late? And what do the hours actually mean in Paris? Last seating or kitchen closing - or actual restaurant closing!?


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  1. The hours usually mean last order taken. But it's always better to check.

    9.30 is a standard late hour for restaurants who don't do late seating. Most starred restaurants, for instance, won't accept you much after that time.