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Feb 20, 2011 02:36 PM

Looking for a raw whole green papaya.. need help

Hello I live in fort lauderdale and i am looking for whole raw green papayas to make thai green papaya salad...
my husband and i fell in love with green papaya salad while visiting hawaii

the only problem is i cant find a green papaya anywhere....
the ones at whole foods and publix are ripe... and if they look "green" they are ripe on the inside (pink and sweet instead of white)...

if anyone know of a place that sells them it would be most helpful!


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  1. There is a thai market in Pembroke Pines in a strip mall on the north east corner of University and Pines that has both whole and shredded green papayas already prepared for salad. They have lots of other thai and asian fresh vegetables and herbs, packaged and frozen products, too. There are probably other markets closer to you but in case you can't find one....

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      nice I will definitely take a look when I am in the area! thanks

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        also, do you know the name or what the market is next to?

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          No idea name of market. It is in the corner of the shopping center, north of Outback Steakhouse and Pho 78. They don't speak english there, but understand a little. The refrigerated section in the back has all the fruits, vegetables and herbs labeled in two asian languages, but no english. Once I saw a green papaya but it was not shredded, I asked and they took it to the back and it came out in a plastic bag in perfect spirals ready to use. If you are making Som Tam you will find all the other ingredients here as well....dried shrimp, fish sauce, chili's, palm sugar. Suggest you make a list of all asian ingredients you might use for other recipes and stock up here. They have a small area of cooking equipment also. I would guess there are a number of places like this maybe one closer to you. There is one after another on 163rd St in NMB, I just haven't looked for green papaya there so can't say.

          Pho 78 Restaurant
          7849 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines, FL 33024