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Feb 20, 2011 01:51 PM

Single oven or double oven or single with warming drawer

We're trying to decide between a single or a double wall oven or a single with a warming drawer. Weve never had either and don't cook hugh production number Thanksgiving dinners very often. I'm not sure how/if we'd use the second over or the warming drawer. Does anybody have any guidance? (fwiw the oven we will purchase is the GE Monogram because the controls are the best available for a blind cook).


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  1. A second oven is one of those things that you know if you need it. Just think back to how many times over the past few years you've wished you had a second oven. Maybe you never have, or maybe you have quite often. Only you can answer that. It's a function of how much you entertain and how you entertain, really. I entertain a fair amount and have never had more than one oven and get by nicely without it. Would I use it if I had it? You betcha. It would open up what I could do for sure. And at Thanksgiving and holidays it would be a godsend.

    Warming drawers? I have one in the bottom of my range oven. I store sheet pans in it. :P

    1. A single oven, plus a microwave with convection oven capabilities is another option. I use my micro convection when making bake potatoes, small casseroles / dishes. Instead of heating up the big oven.

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        I might wish for a double-oven maybe 4 times a year when I have a big crowd. I always said if we re-did the kitchen I wanted a double oven. Without changing things structurally and adding a huge price tag to the works we could not do it. Instead we did what JEN 10 suggested. We put in a microwave/convection oven and it really makes a difference. It serves as a warming oven, microwave and oven.

        If I ever get my dream kitchen it will have an island, double-oven and a warming drawer...and maybe a chef de plĂșnge/escuelerie!

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          With alanbarnes advice, I went the MW/convection route a year ago and love it. I seldom need two ovens but when I do I do. And, yes, it required no construction which would have cost money and caused me to lose cabinet space. I couldn't be happier with the setup.

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          We're looking at this right now and I believe that this is the most flexable set up at the moment. The good news for the OP is that GE has what is perhaps the best set up for the microwave convection oven. Sometimes refered to as a "Speed" oven these would appear to have significantly more utility than a warming drawer. We always thought we would get a double oven but I think we are leaning heavily to a single oven with a speed oven combination. Still two ovens, but not two traditional ovens.

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            I have the 120v GE Advantium oven and love it. It's a microwave, convection oven, halogen oven, and warming drawer all in one. You can build it in above a single GE Profile wall oven for a nicely finished double-oven look (if that matters).

            The Advantium 240v costs a little more but has sufficient power to run the halogen lights and the microwave at the same time. Just make sure it has convection and warming - there'll be buttons on the front that say "Warm / Proof" and "Bake / Broil." Older models apparently lacked these features.

        3. two ovens over a single oven and a warming drawer. you can use the second oven like a warming drawer if necessary, but not vice versa. both my ovens are convection.

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          1. Depends on how and what you cook. When I was growing up almost all meat in our house was either roasted or broiled. Hamburgers, steaks, chicken breasts, etc. came out of the oven, not off the stovetop. A second oven was really helpful for side dishes whether it was dinner rolls, baked potatoes, casserole, etc.

            1. I would say it depends upon your budget. If you're doing a whole kitchen redo then there might be other things that would be a better use of the extra dollars you would pay for a double oven. I had a warming drawer and never used it even though we cook everyday, my husband bakes bread frequently and we have dinner parties regularly. Now a 6 burner stove, if my kitchen was bigger I'd buy that in a heartbeat.