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Feb 20, 2011 01:50 PM

Found a jar of Harissa at TJ Maxx...

Brought it home and have no idea how to use it. Anybody out there have a recipe they love using harissa?

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  1. it's a North African hot sauce -- so a tajine or couscous would be the first stop.

    1. It is also a nice addition to shakshuka (also called eggs in purgatory), and also goes quite well with some fish. And I know that there are a few threads on CH concerning favorite uses which would be worth checking out.

      ETA: Here are two threads that look a little promising, escondido:

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        Thanks so much. I put harissa into the CH search and didn't see either one of those, guess I had to flip through a few more "pages."

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          You're welcome. I always use google for my chowhound searches (type your query into google, followed by 'chowhound'). I might have to revise the query a few times, but I'm usually successful in finding what I need within one or two tries.

          And I think it never hurts to ask a question again. A new poster, one who doesn't want to resurrect an old thread, might have something interesting to add.

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              I summoned the master. ;) You *are* good. The first one is the one I was actually thinking of when I searched, the one that interested me enough to buy my own jar.

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                ha! Search Queen, at your service :) i added another good one to that post that i accidentally left off earlier - look at the last link.

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                  That is a good one! Bloody Mary's, paprikash, Tunisian cooking, and pizza. Escondido may have to pick up another jar, heh?

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                    I suspect the posters who are unsuccessful in searching aren't clicking on the Advanced Search button to access the additional archive options.

                    I don't know if they still have it, but Trader Joe's used to have an English Cheddar with harissa blended in. The presence of fat cut the spiciness for low-heat-tolerance palates like mine.

          1. Go get yourself a bottle of full-sugar Dr. Pepper and some pork butt/shoulder. Braise in the proportion of your liking, 300ºF for about 12 hours or when the bone pulls cleanly.

            1. I added a healthy tablespoon of jarred harissa to a stuffed peppers recipe (crockpot style) recently and the blend really upped the warmth of flavor. I used ground lamb, black rice, onions, parsley and a bit of celery. The broth was equal parts tomato juice & beef stock and the harissa also flavored the broth nicely. I used the poaching liquid to make farro later that day and that was also delicious (made a cold salad from the prepared farro).

              1. There isn't much better than harissa and yogurt mixed as a dip or a sauce. But I also like to braise meat with lots of a variety of peppers in the harissa, broth, and tomato paste, then serve on top of couscous.

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                  Oh I agree - harissa and yoghurt with a grilled lamb chop is divine. Last night I mixed some harissa with olive oil and coated some chicken thighs and drumsticks and baked - simple and yummy.